Monday, May 11, 2009

$202 Per Consumer Record Data Breach

The Washington Post had a very interesting article Tuesday February 3rd titled, "Data Breaches Are More Costly Than Ever". The author Brian Krebs quotes a survey by Ponemon Institute that reviewed 43 organizations that spent approximately $202 on each consumer record that was compromised.

The article also states: "Eighty-four percent of the companies surveyed had at least one data breach or loss prior to 2008, said Larry Ponemon, the institute's founder. The cost of a breach in 2007 was $6.3 million, and roughly $4.7 million in 2006".

The figures above do not reflect the loss of confidence that consumers and other companies will have when they see these types of CNN moments. This is where the importance of having a open and secure operating system and infrastructure becomes mandatory - as does having all of your data encrypted on disk. How often to we read about notebooks stolen that are loaded with confidential or classified data?

This is just one of the reasons why Solaris with Trusted Extensions and ZFS will just continue to gain market share

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