Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THANKS Dr. Bruce Haddon - Software Development Legend

In my 30 years in the computer industry and 21+ years at Sun, no one has been better at discussing Software Development than Dr. Bruce Haddon. Bruce has the rare ability to talk to a CEO one second and the Java Real Time Developer the next. There are countless examples of Bruce speaking to a large group of Developers and the final question is ALWAYS, "Bruce, this is GREAT, when can you come back? " I always went out of my way to attend any of Bruce's talks since I always learned something new and interesting.

There is not enough storage space on to list all of Bruce Haddon's many accomplishments. I will name just two of a very long list. Bruce was the Father of Java Center Of Excellence (JCOE) as well as my co-author in Software Genius University (SGU). When I was told that we only had one chance to speak to an extremely important customer about software development, my response was always the same, "call Bruce, no one is better on this planet."

Dr. Bruce Haddon is the definition of what the ultimate professional should be.

Thanks Bruce for your INCREDIBLE LEADERSHIP in Software Development at Sun Microsystems with so many customers, Developers, Partners, University students, employees.....

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