Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks SDN! -- Sun's University World Tour - Meet our Rock Stars

Sometimes, very rarely for me, when you are googling around, you find something that is both a surprise and makes you feel great at the same time. I was discussing just how bogus MTBF is with my oldest son John, when I told him he needs to read Dave Trindade's GREAT book on Applied Reliability. Many years ago, Sun had some challenges with e-cache. e-cache is the abbreviation for external cache or cache that is not directly on the microprocessor. I was the lead in terms of delivering the detailed message to customers. Dr. Dave Trindade is a god in statistics and a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. It was Dave Trindade who did the statistical analysis and told us all at Sun the right way to think about this challenge that really made ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE with conveying the message to customers.

Back to the story :-) While googling for Dave Trindade, I found this link called Sun's University World Tour - Meet our Rock Stars that was at Sun's Developer Network page that is also known as SDN.

When I saw that the folks at SDN honored me by being on the same page with these other legends at Sun it absolutely made my night. My sons said that I had to actually bribe someone to be on the page :-)

Below is a snippet of this page in case this page goes away at some point :-)

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