Monday, October 4, 2010

The Social Network - Facebook movie

I almost hate to admit this, but I really liked the movie The Social Network, from both the geek and the movie standpoints.  My wife saw it this weekend and really liked it as well.  I should state (no offense here) that my wife is not a geek :-)

This is one of these rare movies that a geek can take their non_geek_significant_other (NGSO :-) to and both can have a good time.   It also further validates the theory that you should go to Harvard and then drop out to start your own company if you want to be filthy rich in life.  My favorite line in the whole movie was when Mark Zuckerberg was standing outside with some other Harvard students after a guest lecturer had just given a talk:

     Student outside of just finished lecture:   "Hey, I arrived late to this but when that guy was speaking about the next Bill Gates, it seemed like he was looking at you Mark.  By the way, who was that guy?"

Mark Zuckerberg replied as he was walking away from that group, "That guy was Bill Gates"  :-)

There is an interesting article on that exchange here.

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