Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baltimore Gran Prix 2011

On Saturday, my father and I went to the first ever Baltimore Gran Prix.  Above you can see that my father had other interests besides just checking out race cars :-)  

This was a learning experience year for us as I waited too late and did not have grandstand seats.  Here are my personal lessons learned:

  • This strategy worked out fine in 2002 when we went to the DC Gran Prix that was in the RFK parking lot where there were no buildings and the site lines were fine.  At Baltimore, the course went through the Inner Harbor area in the city where the site lines were very limited except for the straightaways.    Getting grandstand seats as high up as possible near the main straightaway and in front of a large screen would be good.  You basically need to pick your viewing point and this would be the best.
  • We parked at the Port Covington parking lot which worked out really well since it was free and a 10 minute ride to the C gate.
  • We went up into the bridge over the convention center to watch the cars come by on the main straightaway as well as a nice view of the large screen showing the race - plus it was air conditioned.
  • Go visit the Corvette Racing area that is past Camden Yards and to the right after you walk by the stadium and the long building.
  • Go over the bridge and checkout the actual paddocks would be cool.
  • Walk around the entire inside paddock area to check out the different views
  • No need getting there too early.  Get there an hour or so before the ALMS GT race would be a good plan.
  • Bring the Boise noise canceling headphones and extra of the ear plugs for anyone with you as they sell out.
  • Buy any merchandise ahead of time as they sold out of everything there.
  • Bring a packback with whatever water size they will allow and something to eat that is not too obvious when you get searched.
  • Bring a nice camera
  • Try to figure out what station it is being broadcast on so you do not have to pay for one of the expensive rental racing headsets

Above is me and my father in front of a C6R Corvette race car.

 Above is Danica Patrick signing autographs.

 The above two pictures are the text for the ZR1 supercharger and the supercharger itself.

 Above and below is the ZR1 frame.

On the photon below right is Zora Artkus Duntov (white hair on the right), Corvette's first Chief Engineer.  At the bottom of the picture below is the famous #3 Corvette that won the 1960 24 Hours at LeMans.

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