Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Great Mark Albert Article at Modern Machine Shop

Mark Albert of Modern Machine Shop asks as a fundamental question:
"Are our machines running? How long have they been running? Are they getting parts done on time? Do the operators need help?"
Mark writes a great article (again) on MTConnect title:  

The Need to Know Is Basic 

  "A new MTConnect-based machine monitoring system is helping Jet Machine get reliable answers to these questions. Although currently implemented as a pilot program on three of the shop’s most important five-axis machine tools, the system gives Mr. Wulfeck and other managers a timely and accurate picture of machine utilization and performance. This makes it easier to make good decisions about both short-term issues, such as maintenance priorities, and long-term issues, such as new capital acquisitions. Plans call for connecting all of the shop’s CNC machines to this monitoring system."

 This is a great article that is absolutely worth reading and understanding.  Thanks Mark!

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