Saturday, October 15, 2011

Me and Karl Rove - True Story

I am flying out of CO Springs after speaking at the NTMA Conference.  It is a small plane and I literally run into Karl Rove who is first class.  I said, "I have to shake the hands of Bush's brain."  We spoke briefly and he was very nice.  I said to Karl, "while we differ a great deal politically, I have to admit, you are a brilliant man."   We ran into each other again at the train heading back to the main gate and I said, "hey Karl, can I get a picture with you?"   Again, he was very nice about it.   It was funny, because I was texting my oldest son, John,  at the time who advised me, "be careful what you say, he still has contacts at Guantanamo :-)"    The other interesting thing was I go into the restroom and who is in the urinal next to me?  My new buddy Karl Rove.  He probably thought I was stalking him, but I was not, I was just going to the restroom.

Below is a picture of me and Karl Rove.  

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