Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top Five Cool Things From Eclipse SD Times article

Top Five Cool Things From Eclipse by Alex Handy at SD Times.   Below is just one of the top five cool things on JDT.  What got my attention was WindowBuilder Pro.  Having a very nice and full feature GUI builder was badly needed.

JDT may have started it all, but it remains the biggest, baddest editor in the Eclipse retinue. With refactorings, deep Java syntax knowledge, and a host of helpful tools for dealing with the almost infinite APIs and handlers within the Java ecosystem, Eclipse is the go-to IDE for most Java developers in enterprises.

But the power of Java in Eclipse doesn't end with the code editor. Java users also now have access to WindowBuilder Pro (formerly from Instantiations, now from Google). This full-featured GUI editor and designer was commercial for a decade before it was turned into open-source code and donated to the Eclipse Foundation. As a result, Java developers using Eclipse now have access to a top-notch GUI tool, one that can help to transform Java applications from looking like generic X Window applications, to looking like native Windows and Mac OS X apps.

And this summer's Indigo release of Eclipse included some major enhancements to the JDT. The compiler will now detect objects that could be static; highlighting Java code brings up a drop-down menus of options; and the debugger now allows developers to keep a list of previously used breakpoint conditions.

JDT is the heart of Eclipse, and while you don't have to use it to be an Eclipse fan, it's certainly one of the most compelling and useful projects at the Foundation.

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