Wednesday, December 21, 2011

John Edstrom Graduates VT With Masters Degree in Computer Science

A week ago on December 16th 2011, John Edstrom, our oldest son, graduated from Virgina Tech with a Masters in Computer Science.  He graduated from Virgina Tech with a BS in Computer Science in May 2010.

John sharing a laugh with the graduate next to him.

This was a close up of John as he was walking up to get his degree.

Above is John receiving his degree.

Above is the conferring of degrees at VT

At John and Michael's favorite restaurant "Home Place Restaurant"

John between his grandpa and grandma Edstrom.  Below, Steve joined the grandparents and John.

    John with his proud and happy parents.  One down, two to go :-)

John and Janet with Steve above.  


  1. Congratulations to John on his masters! That is quite an accomplishment and completed so quickly. Love the pictures of the family too. Thank you for sharing.

    I have 3 classes left in the Spring and I plan to FINALLY graduate on Mother's Day... I canNOT wait!
    ~Love, Cousin Cathy

  2. Thanks Cathy! We are very proud of John.

    What a great Mother's Day gift that will be when you graduate in the spring! I hope Mark is planning a HUGE party. I know how much work it is to go to school at night and work full time. That is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment on your part.

    Take care,