Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mori-Seiki Innovation Days 2012

It is always the ultimate privilege to speak at DMG Mori-Seiki Innovation Days.  The facility is amazing. DMG Mori-Seiki has and is a HUGE supporter of MTConnect.  

The photo below is as you walk into DMG Mori-Seiki's fantastic facility.

I joked last year when I spoke here with Task Force Tips Stewart McMillen, that I wish my house was as clean and nice as their showroom. It is not a joke, I wish it was.   Apologies to my wife here if she happens to be reading this blog entry :-)   

Dana Super and Surya Kommareddy are fantastic to work with.  This is my second year presenting.  I was very fortunate to present with Surya Kommareddy.

Summary of MTConnect Presentation at Mori-Seiki Innovation Days

Surya Kommareddy and I presented MTConnect together.  The 
title of the talk was:
Shop Floor Networking and 

 Communication Using

The Open and Royalty Free Protocol

A little history
“How” Matters
Look Under The Covers
Obvious and Not So Obvious
Q & A

I went through the history of MTConnect discussing the challenges from 
both a business and technical standpoint.  The key point with MTConnect
is that "how" you get the data really matters so I discussed the 
benefits of being based on HTTP and XML as well as the importance
of a data dictionary.   We took a look at how easy it is to get
MTConnect data by showing how you can use Excel to connect
to any MTConnect enabled piece of manufacturing equipment.  Excel
can easily do this because it supports HTTP and XML out of the box.
I discussed the typical steps a shop owner or plant manager will
go through when they decide to embrace MTConnect.  I finished
with discussing futures.  Surya presented on the many things
that Mori-Seiki is doing with MTConnect and shared many great
tips with the audience.  Surya and I answered many great and
probing questions on MTConnect as well.  We exchanged many business
cards and look forward to coming back next year.

Thanks Dana and Surya!

We had nearly a full room with lots and lots of great questions from the audience.   It is great to see such interest in MTConnect.

What really thrilled me was when I walked in I saw these two screens as the first thing that I saw.  These two screens below are the Mori-Monitor software.

Notice MTConnect is mentioned above in the bottom bullet.

In the slide below you can see MTConnect in the upper left hand corner.

Below is a CND controller with a camera on it to get folks attention as you walk by.  It got mine :-)

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