Monday, August 6, 2012

Sun's Star7 - The Beginning of Java

My oldest son John sent this to me.  Very cool.  I never saw James Gosling demo this before. Star7 or *7 was part of the Green Project and got it's nickname from the fact that you pressed the keys *7 to to bring up the menu of the device on screen.  It had a micro SPARC-II motherboard, some PCMCIA slots, infrared transceiver, speakers and touch screen.

Think about this.  This was 1992!  Why in the world do all of these tablet makers have patents for what Sun invented in terms of touch tablet UIs?   Because Sun was great at technology, but not so great at making money.   Hence, why the most innovative companies of all time got snapped up by Oracle for a song of $7.4 billion.   6,500+ patents AND Java AND SPARC AND 30,000 employees AND hundreds of thousands of very loyal Sun customers.   But I digress :-) 

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