Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Floor Plan Videos For [MC]2 2013 at The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati

Part of any conference, such as [MC]2 2013, there is a walk through to make sure we understand the physical logistics.   Instead of taking pictures and trying to explain what is where, I thought it would be much easier for the exhibitors, vendors, attendees, speakers and the great folks at AMT, who make this conference all happen, to simply be able to watch videos of the different ballrooms, rooms and areas that we are using.

After reviewing these videos, I am convinced this is the absolute best way to see what a given venue looks like.  I really think this will help all of those involved understand the layout to limit the many questions we get on conference physical layout at the hotel.  We are going to include the link to this blog post in the package and on the website to help folks understand the layout.

The hotel we are using is The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati. I was fortunate to get a detailed tour of the hotel and it looks great and the folks at the Millennium Hotel Cincinnati could not be any nicer or more professional! Thanks Maria!

Below is the floor plan of the second floor so when you watch the videos you know exactly what area you are viewing:

Here is the list of videos that will take you through the specific rooms where we are having the various events at [MC]2 2013.

Any questions on this [MC]2 2013 participants, you can send a note to dedstrom  at   (Trying to keep the mail spam bots from grabbing my email )

Also, if you have not registered, signed up to be a sponsor or signed up to be an exhibitor, DO IT NOW!!!

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