Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Chris Easter!

Julie and I went to LaPlata, Maryland yesterday afternoon for a surprise birthday party for Chris Easter.   Chris and I worked together at Sun Microsystems back in the late 90s and early 00s.   Chris and I both worked for Sue Walls back then as well.

Chris and I got along great from day one because we both loved a great story.  Chris, however, could take things to a whole new level as was pointed out yesterday at her surprise 70th birthday party at Grace Lutheran Church in LaPlata. 

As Sue pointed out when she shared a few stories on Chris, Chris has no problem telling even her grandchildren remarkable stories about herself.

For example:

Chris is taking her nine year old granddaughter to New York City to see the famous Rockettes.  On the way there, Chris mentions to her granddaughter that when Chris was young, she was a Rockette.  Her granddaughter could not be more proud!  They had a great time.  A few weeks later Chris's daughter Lynn calls Chris.  The conversation goes like this, "Mom, your granddaughter got an "A" on a paper she wrote."   Chris, said "that's great!"   Lynn went on to say, "Yes, she wrote about you being a Rockette.   Mom, you can't keep telling my kids these stories about yourself that just aren't true."

Another example of Chris telling her grandchildren story was when they were young, Chris convinced that she was the only gold medal winner at the olympics in both figure skating and swimming.  

At a Blue Angels Air Show, two young boys sitting behind Chris said they could not see the person speaking before the jets were to take off and do their incredible array of aerial stunts.   Chris turned around and said to the boys and their parents, "do you know who I am?"   "No", the boys replied.  Chris then said, "I am the first woman Admiral in the Navy and the first woman pilot of the Blue Angels."   The young boys and their parents were very impressed!

That is me and Chris above.  Sue and Lynn gave nice talks discussing Lynn's many "exploits" and gave her medals and pins to honor her. 

It was a great time and there is not a nicer or funnier lady on planet earth than Chris Easter.  Happy 70th Birthday Chris and many, many more!

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