Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Facebook Visit on the Old Sun Campus

That is John on the left who is now a software developer at Facebook.  We are on the Facebook Campus which used to be the old Sun campus.  John is in a unique category of someone who used to work at Sun Microsystems (as Virginia Tech's Sun Campus Ambassador - which was a paid position) and now works at Facebook.  I keep asking to let me know if he runs into another former SUNWer at Facebook.  I do think I was the oldest person that visited Facebook that day :-)

I found a remnant of my blog post on an Oracle archive that I thought I should re-post here: 

John Edstrom Campus Advocate of the Month For Sun

Congratulations to my oldest son, John, who was selected to be Campus Ambassador of the Month for Sun Microsystems.  Increasing the number of Campus Ambassadors is one of Jonathan Schwartz's most brilliant strategic investments since he became CEO.  John is doing lots of very interesting Tech Talks, on topics such as Chris Melissinos discussing GamingSolaris with Dr. Harry Foxwell at Virginia Tech that have been extremely well attended.  There are many other activities that John has been doing (such as the NetBeans 6 demo he did for students and faculty) and you can read more about that here at his Sun blog.

 John gave a nice interview about his activities as a Campus Ambassador at VA Tech.

Facebook has really spruced things up.  It is great to see the old campus with a lot of talented young people doing cool things.  Lots of memories for me there.  I had to wear my Sun Ten Year Reunion  (1982 -1992) t-shirt :-)

 Above is the sign you see from the road in front of the Facebook Campus.   Network Circle Drive was renamed to Hacker Way.

Below is what all Facebook employees see when they drive out if they look off to their left.  Facebook did this to remind their employees what can happen if you stop innovating AND executing.

John pointed out the only remnant on outside door.  Not sure why they left this up.  Maybe it is another reminder, or maybe the mother of all super glue was used and they can't get it off


Below is a 360 degree view standing in the middle of the old Sun MPK Campus that is now Facebook.  Lots of changes - all for the positive!

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