Saturday, April 5, 2014

Edelweiss Restaurant and Tree House With Tim's JMU Buddies

Julie and I went down to JMU today to see our youngest son Tim.  We took out Tim's buddies, Nick, Kyle and Kevin to lunch at our favorite restaurant Edelweiss in Staunton, VA.

We ordered three orders of Ham hocks as well as meals for each of us. No one went away hungry.  We then went to Klines in Harrisonburg for ice cream after lunch.

Above (from left to right) is Nick, Kyle, Kevin, me (holding the mother of all ham hocks), Julie and Tim.

Above is the great German beer selection they have. Since we normally have lunch there, I just get Dr. Pepper.

Above is the map of the beers in Germany.

 Above is a photo that Tim's friend Nick took of the entire tree house that Walter owns.  Walter is the creator and owner of the Edelweiss Restaurant, who created the tree house in 14 years.

Above is Walter, who is the owner of the Edelweiss Restaurant, who gave us the tour of his tree house that he built.  It literally is the mother of all tree houses with multiple rooms, running water, 100 amps of electricity, four refrigerators, two HD TVs, overlooking a small running creek and just very, very cool.

Above is one of the many covered porches that Walter (right) has in his tree house.  Left is our youngest son Tim.

Above is the view from the porch in the previous photo.  The creek makes a very nice and gentle background noise as well as is lit at night.

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