Sunday, April 6, 2014

Memex Automation Becomes Okuma THINC Partner

Memex Automation
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3425 Harvester Road, Suite 200
Burlington, Ontario L7N 3N1 Canada
Phone: 905.635.1540
Fax: 905.631.9640

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Memex Automation offers Shop Floor to Top Floor information in real-time. Memex connects machines to corporate networks with MERLIN, an MES M2M communications platform. As a world leader in manufacturing technology, Memex specializes in offering manufacturers real-time productivity information tools. Since 1992 Memex has over 12,000 customers and 320 dealers worldwide and delivers solutions to improve the way machines operate and connect on the factory floor to management.

MERLIN can increase manufacturing shop floor efficiency by 10% or more.  A real-time machine monitoring solution, MERLIN is an MES system and an M2M (machine to machine) communications platform giving operational visibility. Bi-directionally integrated into any ERP, it generates OEE plant-wide, machine, operator or other metric basis, providing visibility, comparison of actual to scheduled production, scheduling, historian, emailed alerts, automated reporting and historical analyses.

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