Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Metalworking Production & Purchasing (MP&P) Magazine on MTConnect, Memex Automation and Dave Edstrom

One of the many areas that has really impressed me in manufacturing is both the quality and the depth of the writing of those in manufacturing media.

I had the privilege of speaking with Rob Colman of Metalworking Production & Purchasing (MP&P) Magazine.  Rob wrote an article titled:

MTConnect hits its Stride: In Conversation with Dave Edstrom

 I  really enjoyed speaking with Rob on MTConnect and Memex Automation.  Rob did a fantastic job with this article!  As I stated in the article, I feel we have seen a number of important inflection points with MTConnect and there is no company better positioned to lead manufacturing and MTConnect than Memex Automation!

Please checkout Rob's article!


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