Thursday, June 26, 2014

MTInsight Goodbye - Thanks AMT!

Below is MTInsight Group that I had the privilege of working with at AMT - The Association For Manufacturing the past 4 1/2 years.   Everyone was able to be there for the photo except for Steve Fanning, President and CEO of Path To Progress.  Yesterday was my last day at AMT and I received this photo, with everyone's signatures, in a very expensive frame.

The back row of AMT men, starting from the left, are Mark Kennedy, Asim Mukhtar, Daniel Tees, Kalesh Mahendrakar, Peter Eelman, me, Doug Woods, Ian Stringer, Steve Lesnewich and Pat McGibbon.  The front row of AMT women, starting from the left, are Diyana Hrzic, Alka Parandekar, Lois Uthman, Julie Peppers and Kim Brown.

It was a fantastic group of very smart, extremely dedicated and passionate individuals that created the best customized manufacturing business intelligence platform on planet earth - MTInsight!

Thanks AMT!

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