Monday, March 23, 2015

A 20 Minute Ride In a Tesla Roadster With Curt Harpold

After the Sun get together yesterday with Adrian Cockcroft, and other Sun folks -  Curt Harpold gave me a ride in his Tesla Roadster.  I really enjoyed the ride and learned a lot.  We went out for a 20 minute ride where Curt showed me the some of the (all legal, no speeding) acceleration of the Tesla.

An interesting historical note that came out during breakfast was that when Tesla was just starting to design the Roadster, they wanted to go for a ride in a Lotus Elise.  People in Silicon Valley knew Adrian had one so Tesla called up Adrian.  As I told Adrian at breakfast when I heard the story, "Tesla should have called it the "Adrian" :-)  I have been out with Adrian a few times in his Lotus and it also is a very fun car.

John Meyer and I tried to convince Curt and Adrian to see the light and get a Corvette, but we had no luck.  As I told both Adrian and Curt, "they don't write songs about Teslas, but they do Corvettes" :-)

I went for a test drive in a Tesla Model S in the fall of 2013 that was an absolute blast.

Please enjoy this 20 minute video in a Tesla Roadster.

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