Sunday, June 28, 2015

101 Miles Today - Most Non Seagull Century Miles in 15 Years

Julie was out of town this weekend with her school teacher friends in the mountains of West VA so this morning I decided to go for a bike ride.  It was perfect day for a bike ride - party cloudy 63 to 72 degrees with no chance of rain.  I said I would keep riding until something started to hurt.  Nothing started to hurt.  I finished at 5 and did 101 miles.

Here is the CycleMeter link that breaks down my ride.

I was at the 65 mile mark in Purcelleville, VA (the end of the W & OD) , so after having lunch at Subway, I went to Catoctin Creek Distillery and said, "since I am out there advertising your distillery on the W & OD trail, do I get a free shot or what?"  The nice lady just smiled and said, "yes, you do - I think you earned it".

Below is the screen snapshot for CycleMeter.  The speed of 0.42 was because I just walked it over and washed it before I put it in the garage.  The last time I did a century that was not the Seagull Century in October was in 2000 when I went from George Washington's home in Mount Vernon through Old Town Alexandria, through DC out to Purcelleville, VA and back home to Ashburn.  Today was not too shabby for a 56 year old dude...

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