Saturday, May 16, 2009

OneStop is VERY COOL!

Without question, the most popular internal site at Sun Microsystems (this is quantified by both the numbers and the internal employee surveys is OneStop. Mike Briggs, Principal Engineer and Robert Holt do a fantastic job creating the perfect online technical community. Mike and Robert discuss what OneStop is as well as what the Secret Sauce is behind OneStop. Mike and Robert give me credit for suggesting that they start blogging about OneStop, but the idea behind me suggesting this comes from the fact that I know there are many Sun customers who have been shown OneStop by a Sun employee and the customer response is always the same: "This is GREAT!"

I would encourage any Sun customer to check out what Mike or Robert are doing with OneStop and to drop them a comment if you want to learn more about how they run OneStop - it literally is the first and last place most Sun employees go to for information. It is run by Mike and Robert with over 300 all-volunteer army of authors.

Inside Sun Microsystems, the sentence, "have you tried OneStop" is the morale equivalent of RTFM! :-)

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