Saturday, May 16, 2009

Transition Software Genius University to Software University

This page will have non-proprietary updates on the Software Genius University (SGU) to Sun Software University (SU) transition.

A little background history...

Sun SGU grew out of the extremely successful Software Genius Program (SGP). The genesis of SGP was a conversation that Scott Radeztsky and I had in the fall of
2005 when we asked the basic question, "what can we do to help the SEs to
embrace the developer and Sun's software stack?"
In January 2006, we kicked
off the Software Genius Program Council (SGPC) where the SEs in Americas
Software Practice created ten courses, or twenty hours, of software training.
This program had one goal - to ensure Sun's Systems Engineers were properly
equipped with the necessary software knowledge and skills to be successful.

Sun SGU served a very important need when it was announced globally on July 1st
2007. SGU now has 740 hours of course work in it and the best of that content will be transitioned to Software University. There are countless individuals who should be thanked for the (literally) 1,000s of hours that went into Sun SGU. We will continue to make the necessary student competence mappings transitions from the Sun SGU's University certifications levels to Software University's Accreditations much like we did with the global Solaris training that came out of Dan Berg's organization last FY. We will make it very clear regarding the how, when, where, why and what as we go through this effort.

HUGE Thanks to George Selix and Joe Campbell of Sun Learning Services for their leadership and guidance in this transition. We will be transitioning selected SGU content to Software University immediately. Bob Eskenberry, Jerry Neece, Catherine Sees and I will be leading this effort.

SGU's "Learn Once, Work Anywhere" philosophy will continue with SU.

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