Thursday, September 22, 2011

KEPServerEX Keeps Doing Cool Stuff

I just saw this announcement in PennEnergy on KEPServerEx that I thought was very cool.  It is very exciting to see all the new markets that MTConnect will be getting into thanks to KEPServerEX from Kepware.

Software's drivers, plugins for both oil/gas, manufacturing

KEPServerEX version 5.6 is released with three new products in its communication platform for relevance to both oil and gas as well as manufacturing.

Its Weatherford 8500 Serial Driver is intuitive to communicate with WellPilot Rod Pump Controllers which gather and monitor critical production information from oil and/or gas wells. Its' connectivity to Weatherford 8500 allows you to monitor information, alarms, and events from remote locations. It enables operators to make process adjustments.

A media level redundancy plugin option is also added to address critical operations in oil and gas operations.

New MTCConnect Driver allows connectivity to machine tools that support MTConnect or any legacy equipment through an MTConnect Agent.
Full software plus drivers and plugins data are free.

Kepware Technologies
400 Congress Street, 4th Floor, Portland ME 04101

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