Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAG's Cryogenic Machining at IMX

imX was a big hit for MTConnect Institute.  While the attendance was not as high as other shows, the quality of individuals was much higher.  We spent an average of 20 to 30 minutes with each person who came by.

This video has Paul Warndorf, VP of Technology and CTO for AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology describing MAG's cryogenic machining at imX.  We had dinner with one of the inventors.

Below is from MAG's homepage describing their cryogenic machining.
"MAG will exhibit a breakthrough in cryogenic machining at the imX show, Las Vegas, September 12-14, 2011, demonstrating a new technology that utilizes a unique through-spindle, through-tool cooling system using liquid nitrogen. The multi-patent pending development cools the cutting edge more efficiently than ever before possible, enabling dramatically higher cutting speeds for increased metal removal, longer tool life or a blend of the two advantages. The liquid-nitrogen ( 321°F) cooling system can also be combined with MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) to reduce tool friction and adhesion, further optimizing the process for certain materials. Ideal applications involve aggressive metal removal in the hardest workpiece materials, such as titanium, nickel-based alloys, and nodular or compacted-graphite iron (CGI)"

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