Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

There is a great article at the Washington Post:
Things to watch for as Supreme Court tackles gay marriage

"Usually, to hear an argument about gay marriage, all I have to do is visit an elderly person when “Ellen” is on. Most of the people I know who consider it an abomination also still have AOL addresses, which I consider to be an abomination.

Popular support for same-sex marriage, in the past 10 years, has seen absolutely stunning growth. A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found it at a robust 58 percent — up from 32 percent just nine years ago. It’s definitely mainstream at this point.

Opposition to marriage equality seems to be bound to pass in time, like the vogue for Hummel dolls. But in the meantime, like the vogue for Hummel dolls, it makes visiting elderly relatives unnecessarily stressful and strained. “Don’t you see that this is something you will be embarrassed by later?” you say. “Surely you don’t want to perish with these creepy figurines still prominently displayed over the sink?”

It will be interesting to see what these extremely old people that are in the Supreme Court will be on the right or wrong side of history.   I have often said THE most important decision the President of the United States makes is the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice.   Chief Justice Roberts realized that he wanted to be on the right side of history with Obamacare and hopefully he will be in the same state of mind.  I don't see Scalia, Thomas and Alito being on the right side of history - ever....

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