Friday, May 15, 2009

Background on Sun(SM) Software Genius University (Sun SGU)

On July 1st, 2007, I announced SunSM Software Genius University (Sun SGU), which is comprised of 840 hours of content, internally to Sun employees as well as a status update to Sun's Partners. Sun SGU is available today for Sun employees and we will be moving all of the content to a new system for Sun's Partners. Date for Partner access is TBD.

I will use my blog as one of the communication mechanisms for SunSM Software Genius University (Sun SGU).

What is the history of SunSM Software Genius University (Sun SGU)?

Sun SGU grew out of the highly successful Software Genius Program (SGP), which consisted of ten courses, or twenty hours, of software training. This program had one goal - to ensure Sun's Engagement Architects (EAs) were equipped with the software knowledge and skills to be successful. Later, the Systems Engineers (SEs) also started going through the SGP. The initial 20 hour Software Genius Program is now the Software Baseline Foundational Framework that has the first 20 hours of the SGU for each Major as well as a complete update to each course.

What exactly is SunSM Software Genius University (Sun SGU)?

Early on, an important decision we made was to build a comprehensive software foundation based on the well understood American University taxonomy (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Masters Level). Later, I was personally educated by Sun employees outside the United States :-) that we should clarify this leveling for International use as well as Sun's internal skills assessment terminology.

By using the university taxonomy we have designed learning paths that have well defined proficiency levels and clear exit criteria for each Sun SGU "year" aka step. The Sun SGU framework was well vetted to meet the ever-changing learning demands that cover the complete spectrum from an SE entering Sun SGU as a novice to a PS consultant who will need to lead a customer deployment.

How are the Sun SGU "Years" aka Steps defined in each Major?

Freshman aka Step 1 aka Sun Knowledgeable Level
1. Speak knowledgeably about product and how it solves business problems.

2. Give a technical product presentation.
22 hours of the total 42 hours for this level is comprised
of the Software Baseline Foundational Framework that encompasses the entire software stack in an overview fashion.
The remaining 20 hours are Major specific content.

Sophomore aka Step 2 Level
1. Give a technical product demonstration.
This Level is 80 hours in length.

Junior aka Step 3 aka Sun Practioner Level
1. Customize and deliver an integrated demonstration.
This Level is 80 hours in length.

Senior aka Step 4
1. Can lead a Proof Of Concept (POC).
This Level is 80 hours in length.

Masters aka Sun Ambassador aka Sun Master Level
1. Recognized as a thought leader in this Major.
2. Can lead a customer deployment.
* Please note we are working with PSD for the Masters Level.

Please note hands-on technical training is a very important aspect of Sun SGU.

What are the Majors in Sun SGU and why were these Majors selected?

Sun SGU is comprised of three Majors. The Majors are:

  • Identity Management

  • Java CAPS

  • Solaris.

We selected Solaris because it is the best platform for developer tools and applications.

We selected Identity Management because this is an area Sun is the undisputed leader and is critical to the success of any enterprise.

We selected Java CAPS because Java CAPS via the NetBeans IDE will be the defacto development environment on the Web.

How were the courses selected for Sun SGU?

The set of courses for these Majors were selected by Sun Microsystems Subject Matter Experts to help both pre-sales SEs and professional services consultants with a quality technical learning path. First and foremost, we looked for existing courses. Creating new courses only came (and will come)
about where there is a clear business and technical need.

How will Sun SGU be kept current?

The Sun SGU Program Council will keep these Majors current working with Sun's Learning Services aka MyLearning.

Any questions or comments or if you need a copy of the announcement, please drop me a note.