Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend With The Groundwater's in Breckenridge

Julie and I spent Saturday and Sunday in Breckenridge with Neil and Beth Groundwater - flying back on Monday.  We had a wonderful time!  Thanks to Neil and Beth for a great weekend as well as they picked us up and dropped us from DIA. Thanks for picking us up and dropping us off at the Denver airport as well.

Above are the great views of the Rockies as we drove in.

Below is Julie and I at the Continental Divide.

I was interested in actually walking into a pot store to see what it looked like.  NO, I did not buy or try anything.  They do ID you and you must be 21 to enter. It's a real money maker for the town and the state apparently.  Neil told a great story about being at a local event where a policeman walked up to a young man and said, "excuse me sir, I think you dropped your bag of pot."  It does not appear to be a big deal to the citizens in Breckenridge.  A challenge is that all business is cash only including paying their employees as well as taxes.  In addition, the pot that is candy form can be confusing for some people - see Maureen Dowd's experience with a THC candy bar she THOUGHT was just a regular candy bar.   The pot stores are sort of like to going to the ABC store for some folks.  It should be interesting to see what other states do in this area - especially those states with revenue shortfalls. 

Below we are at Keystone getting red to head up for lunch.

Below are the four of us at the top of Keystone before we had a very nice brunch at Alpenglow Stube Restaurant.

Above we are at The Outpost at Keystone in front of the fireplace on top of the mountain.

Below we had a very nice brunch at Alpenglow Stube Restaurant.  From left to right is Beth, Neil, me and Julie.

Below is a video tour of the Alpenglow Stube Restaurant.

Below is a card from a Jacquard loom that Neil gave me - very cool!

Below is a snowcat for grooming the slopes at night.

Sunday night Neil and I hit a few bars in Breckenridge while the ladies hit the hot tub.

We had a FANTASTIC time!  Thanks Neil and Beth!