Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thanks to Mark Albert of Modern Machine Shop - Very Nice Review of MTConnect: To Measure Is To Know

I would like to offer my since thanks to Mark Albert, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Machine Shop, for his very nice review of my book - MTConnect: To Measure Is To Know.

Mark states, "The first part of the book is mostly Dave’s personal account of how (and why) MTConnect was first proposed and then aggressively developed under the main sponsorship of AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology."  

Mark later states, "The second part of the book builds on that background to explain the inner workings of the standard and the open system principles underlying them. This part is more technical, but is written for readers who are not Information Technology specialists (although they will benefit from Dave’s clarity)."

I am really glad that Mark points out, "Dave’s message about machine monitoring is especially timely and urgent."  This was the theme of [MC]2 2013 as well and is critically important for the success of manufacturing.
I greatly appreciate Mark's honest and well written review of my book as well as the pointer to Amazon.  We have no better friend of MTConnect than Mark Albert.