Saturday, July 7, 2012

Incredible Sports Cars at Great Falls on Saturday Mornings - Katie's Coffee

In the DC area, you should go to Great Falls between 7-9am to see the most amazing cars on planet earth.  Here are a few shots from a typical Saturday morning.

Above and below is a DeTamoso Pantera

Below is my all time favorite four door - the Aston Martin Rapide

Above is my 2011 Grand Sport

106 Degrees In Washington DC Today

Washington, DC was 106 degrees today at 5:40pm.  Julie and I were coming back from the Ocean City and we were in the Annapolis area, when I asked her to take a picture of the dash on our Quest.

From the Washington Post--> 5:40 p.m. update: The weather observer at National Airport reports the temperature did hit 106 for one minute. That would have tied D.C.’s all-time high, but it has to last for at least three minutes to count. So today’s official high will go down as 105, breaking the previous July 7 record of 102 in 2010. Also, Dulles tied its record high for the date with a high of 101, while BWI broke its record high for the date with a high of 103.