Monday, February 15, 2016

The Single Topic That I Agree With Donald Trump On

I disagree with Donald Trump on just about everything (especially his comments on Mexico, illegal immigrants, building a wall, women, the horrible statement he made about Senator John McCain, how he never talks specifics and attacks individuals, ..), except on Saturday night when The Donald stated:
  • The war in Iraq was a huge mistake.  It cost us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.
  • The United States created a mess in the middle east - thanks to the Bush administration.
  • When Jeb Bush says, "his brother kept us safe" is absolutely insane.  No, "W" did not keep us safe. The worst attack on American soil happened on "W"'s watch.
    • To say "George W. Bush kept us safe", is like saying "the Titanic was a great ship, unless you count the whole iceberg thing."
    • Or, it is like saying, "Pete Rose was a great role model if you do not factor in the whole gambling thing."
  • Back in August, that it took Jeb Bush almost a week (and four different responses) to finally come out and say that the Iraq was a mistake was incredible.
To be clear, I don't blame President Bush for 9/11.  I agree with all the reports that stated he was given very bad advice. Yes, President Bush did a great job AFTER 9/11 keeping us safe.

I do have the ultimate respect for their father - President George H.W. Bush.

Again, I disagree with almost EVERYTHING Donald Trump says, except on this topic when he speaks the absolute truth.  I also understand why Republicans want to avoid this subject.