Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stereo and Home Theater SOA

The above photo is a snapshot of a small percent of the back of my cabinets that hold the AV equipment on the main floor in my house. Yes, it is a damn mess. This was created back in the 1980's and I just kept adding to it over time. There are countless 75 ohm splitters and god knows what color coding that I was using. It is too much of a mess today to break because it just works. Integrating any new piece of AV equipment in turns into a nightmare, so I have not updated this setup in years.

Above is my Home Theater SOA for where I created a AV closet and tied into both existing as well as new devices. Notice that I wired in for future use. Future use means I pulled 100 pound test fishing line so that as new cable technologies come out it will be easy to pull this. This is a good example of AV eEways or BCs (Binding Components) to speak to various input/output stereo/AV equipment.

Above is a picture of my Stereo/AV (NMR) Normalized Message Router in SOA OpenESB speak. Just like a real SOA, as npg would say, "you want lots of goes_intas and goes_outas" with as many logical tees and filters as you can afford.