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MTConnect® Institute electronic newsletter – Special IMTS Edition

Paul Warndorf, VP of Technology and CTO for AMT, does a great job with the MTConnect Newsletter.  Below is the special IMTS version.

Welcome to the MTConnect® Institute electronic newsletter – Special IMTS Edition


IMTS 2010 - MTConnect at the Show

There are plenty of opportunities to see MTConnect in action at IMTS 2010.  You can even see it starting to take shape now.

As we get closer to IMTS, you can monitor the construction of the MTConnect live demonstration area that we will be using in the Emerging Technology Center.  To do so, just go to  It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox to view this app.

Please note, some of the equipment that will be connected to the demo is now en route to the show, so it will not show data.  This equipment will start to come online the week before the show. Other equipment that is located elsewhere could be up and running now.

While at the show, here are some of the booths you can also visit to see extended demonstrations of the use of MTConnect:

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling / Speroni  (Booth W-1600)

Through the use of MTConnect, Speroni Tool Presetters currently allow customers to see in real-time the axis positioning data of their machines. As new features of MTConnect are developed and released, customers will then be able to capture real-time tooling data (including tool numbers, lengths, diameters, etc.) from the presetter. That data can then be transmitted to any MTConnect compliant machining center for a hassle free communication of tooling offsets. This gives customers a savings in setup time, and reduces the potential for manual data entry errors.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation (Booth E-4942)

Bosch Rexroth supports MTConnect in its CNC controllers IndraMotion MTX which supports not only fully digital electric servo and spindle axes, but also hydraulic servo axes. MTConnect data can easily be configured for the axis and machine type desired.

Example implementation will be provided to machine tool OEMs upon request.

Stop by their booth at E-4942, to see Bosch Rexroth's drive and control offerings.

Hurco Companies. Inc. (Booth S-8319)

Hurco machines supports MTConnect, allowing operators to monitor a variety of machine parameters.  MTConnect, in conjunction with Hurco’s ESF software, offers unprecedented flexibility and range of features that allow machine operators to be in complete control of their shop floor.

MTConnect is available on Hurco’s newest machine models, including DCX series high profile dual-column machine centers, as well as on the popular VM and VMX series machines.  Just like previous models, DCX mills use industry-leading ergonomic control, featuring cutting-edge specs and software.  The control offers ease of use and a wide range of capabilities for both conversational and NC programming.

Stop by their booth at S-8319 to see what Hurco has to offer.

I/Gear Online, LLC (Booth N-6146)

In addition to featuring applications in the MTConnect and Cloud Computing exhibits in the Emerging Technology Center, I/Gear’s booth will showcase an intuitive MTConnect monitoring demonstration utilizing live machine data and cloud technology. This entails collecting data from several MTConnect-enabled machine tools at the show and then transporting the data to I/Gear’s cloud infrastructure. The data is then stored, aggregated, and presented via dynamic views and mobile applications.

I/Gear Online redefines monitoring with an “Always On” approach to machine visibility. The benefits of this technology, along with MTConnect, are improved productivity and uptime for manufacturers, more effective servicing of industrial machinery, improved equipment analysis and design, and enhanced communication between the equipment provider and end customer.  I/Gear looks forward to seeing you at booth N-6146 during IMTS 2010!

LNS America, Inc. (Booth S-9272)

The ability to analyze machine conditions in real time can mean the difference between lost, maintained or increased productivity. During the 2010 IMTS Show, LNS will monitor five bar feeds throughout the South Hall, in essence simulating a production facility. The data collected from the bar feeders will be displayed on an array of monitors in the LNS booth (#9272). Analyzing the collected data allows our customers to monitor real time production requirements such as; machine status, active program, parts produced, remaining material, down time, fault condition and more…

Your hectic and demanding schedule doesn’t allow you to be in all places at the same time. Imagine being able to instantly know the status of your machine anytime and from anywhere. This is the power of MTConnect… LNS prides itself in being an industry leader in technology for the machine tool market. “We are committed to provide our customers with the latest technology to reduce costs and increase profits.”

MAG Industrial Automation Systems (Booth S-8519)

The new Freedom eWARE™ software suite from e-tekx will be running in the Emerging Technology Center as well as the MAG booth, displaying real-time productivity data on all MTConnect'd MAG machines at the show, as well as those of some other manufacturers on the network. The eWARE demonstrations will highlight its unique capabilities as the first manufacturing data reporting platform to provide data acquisition, condition monitoring, energy monitoring, and cell control, capable of generating reports and analytics for maintenance, process optimization and OEE.

eWARE is "target independent," capable of collecting data from a variety of plant floor assets without modification to ladder logic or part programming. It is also certified as "networthy" for use by U.S. Department of Defense agencies, armed forces and contractors. e-tekx experts will be demonstrating the software at IMTS on mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad as well as static terminals, and look forward to showing visitors how they can improve productivity and increase profitability.

Mazak Corporation (Booth S-8300)

Mazak is participating in the ETC live demonstration of MTConnect to monitor one of their many new model machines in their booth. But in addition, they will also support third-party software products that wish to do the same.  In addition to the ETC demonstration, Mazak wants to raise the bar when it comes to solutions that are possible with MTConnect by demonstrating leading-edge applications for this technology.  For instance, they will show a wireless Energy Management Dashboard powered by MTConnect and using monitoring software developed by System Insights, Inc. called viMana. Customers will be able to realize various cost savings based on the location of their facility and the equipment they use at different times of the day.

Mazak has also reached out to their partners and invited them to do the same.  There will be more at the Mazak booth being monitored than just Mazak machines.  Stop by their booth, S-8300, and allow them to share their solutions with you.

Milltronics CNC Machines (Booth S-8327)

Milltronics VM16 is a cost-effective 40 taper vertical machining center with 30 inches of X travel, 16 inches of Y travel and 20 inches of Z travel.  On the VM16 at IMTS 2010, Milltronics will be running a demonstration of the MTConnect protocol for gathering production information from machine tools on the shop floor.  On a laptop next to the VM16, A Simple Client program is running, receiving and displaying data from the machine tool.  The connection between the machine tool and the Simple Client laptop is made over Ethernet, emulating a shop network.

The Simple Client program shows current data from the VM16 including its power status; control mode; control status; program name; alarms; spindle speed; X, Y and Z positions; X, Y and Z feedrates; nominal program feedrate; and the actual M- and G-code block being executed.  The purpose of MTConnect is to give the machine shop manager a good idea what is happening at a tool -- without going out to the floor and taking a look.

Okuma America Corporation (Booth S-8500)

Okuma is continuing its longtime commitment to real-time information sharing at IMTS 2010 with their robust API and partner applications running directly on Okuma’s THINC control.  A major part of this is continuing support of MTConnect by demoing multiple machines running Okuma’s MTConnect adaptor connecting into software partners at the Emerging Technology Center.  So stop by Okuma’s booth S-8500 where the productivity experts are waiting to demonstrate how an Okuma machine tool and its intelligent THINC control can help you improve your operational efficiencies.

OMAX® Corporation (Booth N-6228)

OMAX is participating in the Emerging Technology Center’s demonstration of MTConnect.  An MTConnect Adapter is included as part of the Intelli-MAX® Software Suite that is included with both OMAX Precision Abrasive Waterjet Systems and MAXIEM Waterjets®.  MTConnect data will be provided from one of the two bridges on the OMAX 80X DualBRIDGE System for the demonstration.  OMAX Corporation is the world leader in abrasivejet machining. Manufactured in the USA, the OMAX JetMachining® and MAXIEM Waterjet® lines bring abrasivejet technology to an expanding and diverse group of industries. Their systems are powered by the company's innovative control software, Intelli-MAX®. Customers from machining and fabrication industries benefit from our easy-to-use systems for production runs, tooling, and prototyping.

Optical Gaging Products (OGP) (Booth E-5525)

Optical Gaging Products (OGP®) will use MTConnect over the internet to present measurement data from one of its SmartScope® Flash™ multisensor measurement systems running a closed-loop sequence of pre-programmed part measurement routines at its facility in Rochester, NY.  The system will use video, laser and touch probe sensors to measure important dimensions on a variety of parts. The MTConnect display will show updates from the Flash system as features are automatically measured. OGP is participating with MTConnect because quality control is a critical aspect of the total manufacturing process. The ability to remotely monitor quality measurements along with machine tool operating status will help manufacturers oversee and manage the entire process.  For more information, visit their booth at E-5525.

Parlec, Inc. (Booth W-2300)

Parlec will be displaying a live webcam of their new Mazak Integrex machine that is in production at their Fairport, NY, facility using an Integrated Technology Kiosk.  The touch screen kiosk will display information about MTConnect and its development, as well as tool management solutions by Parlec, and integrated manufacturing solutions by Mazak.

Parlec will be beginning a project with Mazak to identify, track, and measure process improvements of their high-performance toolholder product line utilizing Mazak Integrex and Palletech machines configured with MTConnect adapters and a beta version of the System Insights machine tool monitoring and utilization application viMana. This will also be displayed with an exhibit at the Integrex machine in the Mazak booth.

SCADAware (Booth E-4446)

In SCADAware’s first appearance at IMTS, they will be demonstrating StatusWatch production monitoring software.  StatusWatch will be seen in the MTConnect and Cloud Computing exhibits in the Emerging Technology Center as well as in their own booth (E-4446).  The StatusWatch system will be connected to several live machines simulating a real life shop-floor monitoring solution running “in the cloud.”  Also shown at the SCADAware booth will be several companion products that target efficiency on the manufacturing/assembly line.  Among these are StatusLight (a smart Andon station), LED display boards, and the key to it all, the Visual Factory Configurator.
StatusWatch is the complete package when it comes to monitoring and reporting on the shop floor.  Flexible data collection (using MTConnect and OPC), prebuilt and custom reports, custom functions (including OEE), and email/pager/sms notifications give you the tools you need to meet your lean manufacturing goals.  Stop by their booth, E-4446, to learn more on how StatusWatch and related products can decrease waste and increase your profits!

System Insights (at Mazak Pavilion, (Booth S-8300)

System Insights is debuting viMana, a revolutionary software tool, to achieve dramatic improvements in shop floor performance. With viMana, users can classify and understand the causes of production losses on the shop floor, including machine breakdowns, poor quality, material starvation, and incorrect machine usage. viMana's Manufacturing Learning Engine collects and analyzes data in real-time from myriad disparate data sources throughout the shop floor -- including CNC controllers, PLC controllers and sensors -- and finds hidden patterns and trends that not only identify the sources of production losses, but also indicate the best strategies to decrease and ultimately eliminate them. viMana goes beyond simple data aggregation and helps manufacturers increase device utilization, reduce scrap rates, decrease unplanned downtimes, and improve profitability. viMana is a cloud-based solution and can be deployed on-premises or via the System Insights SaaS offering to fit the IT and economic requirements of enterprises, large and small. You can see live demonstrations of viMana at Mazak's and other partners' booths.


If you would like to submit an “In the News” brief for consideration, please send it to Paul Warndorf at

To obtain a copy of MTConnect materials, sign into and go to the download section of the site.  For more information about MTConnect, contact Paul Warndorf at or mail at MTConnect Institute, 7901 Westpark Drive, McLean, VA, 22102.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Directions to Corvettes at Carlisle

  • This is for friends and family who want the easy and scenic way to get to Corvettes at Carlisle each year.  This starts from my house since this is a usual meeting point. It is easier to point someone at my blog, then to have to mail out or print driving instructions.
  • Take Route 15 North in Leesburg to Route 94

    • It gets tricky when you get into Frederick and you need to STAY on Route 15 NORTH
    • There are TWO exits you have the choice of to stay on Route 15 NORTH when you get into Frederick.
    • The FIRST Route 15 North exit is on the RIGHT and is in a right hand lane that has a divided lane that is confusing because it has confusing signs on 270 and 15 North
    • The SECOND exit is the one to take and it is ON THE LEFT JUST AFTER, maybe 50 yards, after the first Route 15 NORTH exit
  • You will stay on 15 NORTH 83.6 miles from Ashburn until you get to the York Springs Route 94 North Exit
  • Route 94 North will take you through York Springs and a few smaller towns for 16.1 miles
  • You will go directly into Carlisle
  • You will go below Route 81
  • You will now be on Route 34 and will take a SLIGHT LEFT at the 99.7 mile mark where there will be a gas station on your left and near some railroad tracks
  • You will go about ¾ of a mile and then take a right go directly into one of the first gates.
  • You will likely have to follow the Carlisle Parking Attendants and park where they tell you to. If you CAN, it is best to take a quick right into the area near the swap meet area since that is in the shade and the best and easiest way to get in/out of the Fairgrounds.
On the map below, remember to use the zoom feature and street details for more specifics.

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary to my Parents John and Ruth Edstrom

    Above is my sister, Dr. Julie L. Edstrom, my youngest son Tim, me, my mother Ruth, my father John, my Aunt Mary and my wife.

    My mother, father and my Aunt Mary.  Why does my father have his arm around my aunt and not my mother?  :-)    I rented a big limo for the night.

    Above are my parents at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Crystal City.  After dinner, I had the limo driver take us through Washington, DC for a tour at night.  A fun time was had by all.....

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    15 Facts On Net Neutrality

    Via: Online MBA Programs

    What I like about this graphic is the upper graphic with the cars is the essence of the entire argument around net neutrality.   Should their be  a special high speed set of lanes for certain TYPES of cars (packets of information that came from or heading to certain sites) or should a packet be a packet be a packet no matter where it came from or where it is going?   

    NOTE: I don't mind advertising for Online MBA Programs because they actively encourage individuals to share some of the very informative and creative graphics with others.  My disclaimer is that I don't have a clue how good/bad these programs really are.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Principles of Refigeration

    We were three weeks and three days without AC this summer during the brutal month of June where there were numerous 100+ days. I had four window AC units and 13 fans trying to keep things cool with all the shades down.

    Speaking with a number of AC vendors, it became clear to me that I did not understand all the different components of an AC system. It is also became crystal clear that the AC vendors I was speaking with were not gifted in terms of explaining the technical components of an AC system.

    I went to youtube and found this old, but great video on the principles of refrigeration.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    The Passing Of A Very Great Man - Dr. John Cockerham

    This past Tuesday night, a very great man passed away of adrenal cancer.  I am referring to Dr. John Cockerham a pediatric cardiologist at Georgetown University Hospital, husband to Mary Beth (MB) and father to Jeremy and Meredith.

    I knew John because I worked with MB while we were both at Sun Microsystems.   John helped my family out immensely during the most difficult and challenging time of our life.   After meeting with a number of specialists with one of our sons, my wife and I did not know where or who to turn to.  It was John Cockerham who helped my family with a number of very difficult decisions, helped us navigate the medical system and used his influence to meet a number of specialists.  Everything turned out perfect with our son thanks to John Cockerham taking time out of his busy schedule to help my family.  Words can not express our gratitude to him.   I know John did this for countless families.

    Dr. John Cockerham was truly a great man and will be sorely missed....

    Below are the details on John's services:

    Monday, 8/23 6-8PM

    Everly Wheatley Funeral Home
    1500 West Broaddock Road
    Alexandria VA 22302

    Funeral Service

    Tuesday, 8/24 2PM

    Washington National Cathedral
    3101 Wisconsin Avenue (corner of Wisconsin and Mass Ave)
    Washington DC 20016

    Please note that the Cathedral cannot accept flowers for funeral services. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to Capital Hospice ( or the American Cancer Society.

    A reception will be held at Hearst Hall at National Cathedral School immediately following the funeral.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    My Favorite Football Story Ever...

    The following is a snippet of the story which was written by Mike Wise of Washington Post.  This is my all time favorite, smash mouth football story :-)

    With journeys to Canton, Ohio, being chronicled, with bronzed busts being unveiled at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, that kill-the-clock drive that crumbled the Cowboys' morale should be remembered as the real beginning, when Russ Grimm and his Washington Redskins teammates bumped helmets and moved masses of angry, physical men, who finally no longer wanted to push back.

    "We're getting ready to ice the game," Joe Theismann remembered that day against Dallas at RFK Stadium, Jan. 22, 1983. "We're linin' up. And Russ and Randy White [the Cowboys' Hall of Fame defensive tackle] had been at it all day. I mean this is a war. This is a physical, UFC, battle royal.
    "So all of a sudden I get in the huddle and I call '60 Outside.' And Russ looks at me and he says, 'No.' "

    Which made Theismann do a double-take. 

    "I said, 'What do you mean no? Joe [Gibbs] wants to run 60 Outside.' 

    "He says, 'I want to run '50 Gut' right at Randy.' 

    "Well now I gotta make an executive decision, you know, I'm middle management." 

    They ran the play Grimm, not Gibbs, wanted. White was run over and the Redskins gained four yards. Theismann looked back toward Joe Gibbs, two weeks before he guided the franchise to their first of three Super Bowls.  The coach wanted his play run. 

    "Joe signals in 60 Outside," Theismann said. 

    "I step in the huddle. I go, 'Spread right, short motion, 60 Outside.' 

    "Russ goes: 'Didn't you hear me? No!' 

    "I said, 'Okay, fine.' We run 50 Gut again." 

    And White goes to the ground again. First down. 

    "Next play, I don't even look at the sidelines anymore," Theismann said. "We ran like 11 consecutive 50 Guts. It was just Russ Grimm against Randy White and we were going to absolutely pummel him to the ground. When I think of Russ Grimm and all the memories, this was his moment." 

    "I always felt the huddle wasn't a democracy," Theismann added, "until that particular time."
    Former Redskins tackle George Starke reminisced by telephone Thursday night as he awaited his storm-delayed flight from Washington to Canton. "Nine of those times we ran it right up Randy's [behind]," he said. 

    Before every play, Starke recalled, ornery center Jeff Bostic looked at White across the line. "He said, 'Randy, you better dig in, we're coming again right at you,' " Starke said of Bostic. "He had a nasty . . . attitude. I loved Jeff. 

    "Then after every play, Mark May would kick Randy White in the butt because he didn't like him," Starke recalled. "Randy would punch Russ, who would get angry. Then we'd do it all over again." 

    After the Redskins scored to put away the game, amid the vibrating stands and bellowing roars, many of the Cowboys left the field before the game was over. 

    It is almost 30 years later, and the people who were either there or watched on television still ooze with the same basted-on memories and utter reverence. RFK, circa 1980s, was their Iowa cornfield, where they've been waiting to play catch with their father since."

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    If You Have Not Signed Up For IMTS 2010 Yet.....

    The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the best bang for the buck going in manufacturing.   There is no substitute for meeting with vendors to see the latest and greatest in manufacturing technology as well as attending countless seminars and education sessions as well as meeting with your peers to discuss common opportunities.   IMTS is a can't miss technology show that only happens every two years and every time there are a wide variety of reason to attend.  Here are just a few that are listed at IMTS:

    Why Should You Attend IMTS and Suggestions For Justifying Your Trip To IMTS.
    • Identify exhibitors and educational sessions that address your specific company needs
    • List your current priorities - cutting costs, more throughput, business development, diversification or other specific challenges and find corresponding education and solution providers you can meet at IMTS.
    • Make a list of benefits that your company will realize by your attendance (see new solutions demonstrated, be able to recommend the best for your needs, find ways to cut costs, find ways to get more work).
    • Explain the relationship between IMTS activities and your company's goals. It is important to be able to list and talk about the benefits and how you can make an impact.
    • Learn how you can successfully implement these innovations into your operation to cut costs, increase productivity and improve quality.
    • Discover new approaches to your current practices and analyze best practices.
    • Get practical solutions to your complex problems.
    • Network and discuss hot topics with other manufacturing professionals.

    Check Out The IMTS 2010 Industry & Technology Conference

    The conference, where Education and Technology connect, brings together experts from the industry to give you the most useful and up-to-date technical information available.
    • Sessions complement what you see on the exhibit floor
    • Gain insight into improving your production and operations
    • Learn from professionals with solutions to your manufacturing challenges
    • Network with peers
    • Leave better prepared to profit today and prepare for tomorrow

    Now is the time to register for IMTS 2010. 

    Friday, August 6, 2010

    UCB's Cloud Computing Video

    This is a very nice and short video that would be an appropriate precursor to UCB's great white paper on cloud computing.  This puts cloud computing in the correct context.

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    Emerging Technology Center Video

    Below is a video that was created at AMT discussing the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) at IMTS 2010.  Diyana Hrzic directed this and is well known as the Steven Spielberg of manufacturing technology videos.

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Nanotechnology and Additive Technologies at IMTS Emerging Technology Center

    This is a brief article I wrote last Thursday for the  IMTS Insider article.

    The Emerging Technology Center will have four extremely interesting sections:
    • MTConnect
    • Cloud Computing
    • Nanotechnology
    • Additive Technologies
    In previous IMTS Insider articles, I have discussed both MTConnect and Cloud Computing. In this edition, I am going to touch on nanotechnology and additive technologies.

    In 2000, while I was at Sun Microsystems, I had the privilege of putting together a conference on future technologies. One of the speakers was Dr. Eric Drexler. Dr. Drexeler is viewed as one of the fathers of nanotechnology. He wrote the book, “Engines of Creation - The Coming Era of Nanotechnology”. His talk was absolutely fascinating and was one of the key hits of the conference. Dr. Drexler also wrote the book "Nanosystems Molecular Machinery Manufacturing and Computation" in 1992 which received the Association of American Publishers award for Best Computer Science Book that year. He is credited with coining the term term grey goo. Nanotechnology is about controlling matter at the atomic and molecular level. While we often think of nanotechnology as science fiction, there are numerous examples of important work going on in this field. At the ETC, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) are putting together the nanotechnology section that will be a “can't miss” part of IMTS 2010. While we will not be handing out grey goo and self-replicating nanobots, we will be discussing and demonstrating the technical and business side of nanotechnology.

    At IMTS 2006, I was completely floored at the Ex One exhibit when I was shown additive technologies for the first time by Ex One's CEO and Founder Larry Rhoades.   Mr. Rhoades completely blew me away showing me an MC Escher 3D printing. He pointed out to me that only through printing a layer at a time was this even possible. It would have been absolutely impossible to create the 3D MC Escher ascending and descending stairs with a machine tool. Additive technology has the huge advantage of zero waste. As the cost of additive technology continues to drop, we will see this technology used in more and more applications. Tragically, Mr. Rhoades died in 2007. The industry lost a true thought leader. SME will be demonstrating and discussing additive technologies at the ETC. It is very important to understand where the state of the art is today with additive technologies so you and your company are not caught flat footed.

    Nanotechnology and additive technologies are no longer bleeding edge technologies, but leading edge. Leading edge technologies are extremely important to follow because when the tipping point occurs, the adoption will be rapid. This will be the best ETC in the history of IMTS – don't miss it!

    Sunday, August 1, 2010

    AMT Board of Directors Meeting at Boca Raton

    We had a very successful Board of Directors Meeting at Boca Raton discussing important issues such as MTConnect, the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) at IMTS and many other key topics.  It is interesting the number of Corvette owners who are on AMT's Board of Directors.  That proves they have good taste and truly understand the best bang for the buck when it comes to sports cars.

    Fortunately, there were some time slots available to walk around the property where we stayed which was the Boca Raton Club and Resort which used to be the Waldorf Astoria of Boca Raton.

    Above is the front of the Boca Raton Club and Resort which used to be the Waldorf Astoria of Boca Raton.

    Julie flew down with me.  Above we are in front of the "small" yachts at the hotel..

    View from our hotel room.  There were much bigger yachts than that one.  Doug Woods' yacht would not fit in my picture unless I had one of those expensive wrap around cameras/software :-)