Saturday, July 22, 2017

God Bless Jim Vance

We moved here in 1975 and Jim Vance was THE anchor to watch.  He was THE anchor for the 42 years that I have been in the DC area.

Mr. Vance passed away and there is a very nice article in the Washington Post about him.

My fondest memories were the on-air conversations between him and George Michael the sports broadcaster for Channel 4 and his stories.  In this video they both lose it when they are watching a model continue to fall on the runway in Paris. One of my favorites was when President George H.W. Bush called him up to go fishing on the Potomac.  We watched him grow as we grew over the years as well.  In 2013 he came out against the name Redskins and I was with him on the change of heart as well.  He also liked Harleys and even though he was very famous in the DC area, he still came across as just a nice guy who happened to be the local anchor.

Below is Mr. Vance announcing he had cancer: