Monday, September 22, 2014

My Chapter on MTConnect for the Second Edition of Industrial Communication Technology Handbook

Last spring I received an email from Dr. Richard Zurawski, who was referred to me by Dr. Dave Patterson of UCB, to to write a chapter on MTConnect for the Second Edition Industrial Communication Technology Handbook.  Dr. Zurawski's book is THE book on industrial communications and was an honor to be asked and an extreme honor to be included in this very important book.

The chapter I wrote on MTConnect (Chapter 23) discusses how this communications connectivity manufacturing standard is revolutionizing discrete manufacturing by providing an open and royalty free protocol. The MTConnect standard is discussed in detail providing the reader with the technical pillars of MTConnect, which include the agent, adapters, data dictionary and how to write your first MTConnect enabled application.  This chapter will provide a solid foundation for further exploration of this game changing protocol.

I used my book, MTConnect: To Measure Is To Know, as the source for this chapter.

Dr. Zurawski's excellent book is 67 chapters in length and is almost 2 1/2 inches thick and is the standard for industrial communications. I HIGHLY recommend this book.