Saturday, December 27, 2014

Memex Automation Leadership Team Weekend

On Friday 19th we had a great Christmas Party for Memex Automation employees and on Saturday the 20th we spend a fantastic day in Toronto.  Huge thanks to Pauline and David McPhail for hosting all of us in Toronto for a absolutely great day!

Below are some photos from that very memorable day.

A few of us enjoyed some drinks at the Mill Street Brew Pub and then we all had lunch (above) in The Distillery District in Toronto at a very nice restaurant called Archeo. 

In the photo above are, clockwise from left, is Rick Mosca, Chief Operating Officer who also runs our Partner Program, Dr. Mary Saunders (John's wife), Julie Edstrom, Pauline McPhail, Linda Mosca, John Rattray, VP for Sales and Marketing, David McPhail President and CEO and me the Chief Technology Officer.  The four of us are the senior leadership team members for Memex Automation.

Above is the view from our seats at The Second City in Toronto.  This is the sister venue to the The Second City in Chicago and both are known for their impressive history of comics that started at Second City.

Above is one of the photos of some of the early players at Second City in Toronto. Some of the easy to recognize comics are Dan Akroyd at the bottom, John Candy at the upper left and Eugene Levy at the upper right.

Above is a photo looking through the glass floor at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto.

Below a few of us enjoyed a drink at the bar at the top of the CN tower after a great day.