Saturday, October 16, 2010

Benoit Mandelbrot Died Yesterday

Steve Fritzinger passed this on to me that Benoit Mandelbrot died yesterday.

At Sun Microsystems, we used to have a fractal program that allowed you to turn on the number of processors in the system or to farm the calculations out to systems on the network that had a fractal daemon waiting to receive data and then return the answer.   It was the classic parallel program.

Seagull Century 2010 and Long Weekend in Ocean City, MD

The photo on top is me and just above is Jeff Stone.  Last Saturday was absolutely perfect weather for the Seagull Century 76 degrees and not a cloud in the sky as you can see.  These photos are on Assateague Island looking back at Ocean City, MD in the distance.  The water temperature was 69 degrees as well.

After finishing 100 miles

Above is me, Tim and his friend Thomas.  Tim is holding his MONSTER flounder that he caught in Ocean City, Maryland a year earlier in July of 2009.  It was SO BIG, that the Captain called Coastal Fisherman and they sent out a reporter to take Tim's picture.
Tim is on page 49 of the Coastal Fisherman.  See below:


Above is Tim by himself.

Above is Thomas Jones and my son Tim in a brand new Corvette Grand Sport 436hp convertible at the GM performance tent at OC, MD.  It was cruisers weekend, so we always go check out the cool cars.

You can not come to Ocean City without standing in line to buy Thrasher's fries...

The 638hp Corvette ZR1 super charged engine.

Cyber Metallic Gray - my next Corvette.

LS Controller Kit for Corvettes and other Chevrolets