Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MTConnect and Task Force Tips on Why [MC]2 2013 Is Key

Below is from an email blast we just sent out on [MC]2 2013.

At many manufacturing companies, MTConnect is bringing immediate access to better shop floor data. Those companies are reaping the rewards. You can only gain this insight through shop floor monitoring. [MC]2 MTConnect: The Connecting Manufacturing Conference is the place where you’ll learn all the benefits offered by MTConnect, which is growing in usage every day.
“We thought we knew what was happening on our shop floor better than anybody. MTConnect has opened our eyes that maybe we knew 10 percent…it’s invaluable for seeing patterns with not just machines but also the operators running them, to watch how often they’re adjusting their offsets. It’s allowed us to coach our operators to help them get the most out of the machines they run.”
                           — Stewart McMillan, Task Force Tips
Stewart McMillan and Task Force Tips is just one of many MTConnect success stories.
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