Sunday, July 22, 2012

John, Michael, TIm and Dave Edstrom at 2012 Olympic Exhibtion Basketball Game

John, Michael, Tim and me attended the 2012 Olympic Exhibition Basketball Game at the Verizon Center this past Monday night.  President Obama, Vice President Biden, the First Lady and their oldest daughter - Malia attended as well.  Their seats were better than ours though :-)

 Above, we had dinner at our favorite DC restaurant and legendary institution -- Ben's Chili Bowl.

Above it is Tim, Michael, me and John during half time of the game

 Above is the Olympic team for the US warming up.
 Above is President Obama and Vice President Biden walking in just before the game started.  LOTS of security before the game.

 You have to LOVE any President that basketball is his favorite sport AND he wears white socks and tennis shoes to the game!

It was funny that the first time they went to the President and the First Lady on the Kiss Cam, they did NOT kiss.  This caused the crowd to boo loudly.  The lady behind yelled out, 'there must be trouble in the White House!" :-)   The Kiss Cam came back in the 3rd quarter (as a multiple year season ticket holder I can tell you that they NEVER have done two Kiss Cams in one game before.  The Kiss Cam went to some random couple, then immediately went to POTUS and FLOTUS who kissed.  The crowd roared this time.  That was the end of the Kiss Cam.  OBVIOUSLY, someone at the White House asked that the Kiss Cam come back to the first couple to avoid controversy.
When the President left, he smiled and shook hands as the crowd yelled four more years.  I certainly hope so as well.  We need him for the country to stay on the right track. 

It was a GREAT night with my three sons.  Oh yeah, USA beat Brazil.