Saturday, February 11, 2012

Julie and Chris Matthews

Our financial adviser had an evening with Chris Matthews.  No sales pressure, just a night with Chris Matthews.  Below is my beautiful wife Julie with Chris Matthews.   Unfortunately, we arrived very late, but Chris was still there, so we grabbed two hard copies of his latest book, "John Kennedy Elusive Hero" to have him sign.  Chris was very nice.  Chris had a great line when I said, "Chris, I really enjoy your show."  He looked up at me and said, "Most Republicans do!"  I guess I look like a republican or since our financial adviser's is at 800 Connecticut Avenue and overlooks the White House, he made a BIG assumption :-)

Peter and Dave in a DC Pedicab

Above is Peter Eelman and myself after we attended the NBA Wizards vs. Miami Heat basketball game.  We had dinner at the Kennedy Center with our wives where Julie and Alice were going to watch a concert at the Kennedy Center that evening.  We left Peter's car at the Kennedy Center and we took a cab to the Verizon Center.  Peter and I have season tickets together to the Wizards.  Wizards played great - through three quarters - and lost.

We left the game and were going to take cab back to the Kennedy Center when Peter pointed out the DC Pedicab.  There motto is, "Wheel Get You There!"

The distance between the Verizon Center and the Kennedy Center is about two miles and below is the approximate route we took going directly by the White House.

Our driver was Alex who was a former vet and a great guy.  He shared some funny stories of famous people and drunks in his pedicab.  We were neither ;-)   It was a fun ride and we gave him a very nice tip as well.