Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MTConnect Technical Advisory Group Meeting at CU-ICAR

Last Monday the 15th, through Wednesday the 17th I was at Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) attending the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group Meeting (MTAG) in Greenville, South Carolina.  I flew down with Paul Warndorf, Vice President of Technology and CTO for AMT.  I always learn a lot traveling with Paul.

The MTAG was hosted by Dr. Thomas Kurfess who is the Director of the Campbell Graduate Engineering Center at CU-ICAR.  Dr. Tom Kurfess was a very gracious host who gave us a tour of CU-ICAR as well as arranged for private tour at BMW's Assembly Plant in Spartanburg, SC where they build the X5 and X6 models.

The MTAG meetings were the best ever.  I believe that is because of the passion and expertise of the MTAG members as well as the rapidly increasing adoption of MTConnect with machine tool builders, software companies, integration companies and MOST IMPORTANT customers.

Below are some photos I took at the BMW Assembly Plant Tour.

Above is me standing in front of a BMW V-12 aircraft engine at the BMW Museum in Spartanburg, SC.

Above is the description of the aircraft engine I was in front of in the earlier photo.

Above is a 1,400 HP 4 cylinder BMW race car engine.

As the text states, this is a photo of BMW's diesel engine that is listed as the sportiest and most efficient in the world.