Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free [MC]2 Pass For MTAG Member Who Registers Five Customers

 I sent this out today to the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group (MTAG) and wanted to share it here as well.

Paul Warndorf and I were talking at lunch today with John Turner about [MC]2.  John said, "why don't you offer one free pass for every MTAG member that gets five customers to register for [MC]2?"

We quickly agreed that John Turner is a genius and that we should do this.

So, for every five customers that an MTAG members gets to register that MTAG member will get one free [MC]2 pass to use as they see fit.

To make it easier to track, please have your customers put your company name in the [MC]2 conference code box.  If they forget to, just let us know which customer(s) registered and we will verify it.  How this will work is we will reach out to you when we see it in our daily registration reports.  We will then reach out to see how you want to use your free [MC]2 pass.  If you like, you can give us a heads up so we know that you have five customers that will be registering soon.   The five customers do not have to be from the same company, they just need to be customers and not MTAG members.

Attached is a very nice two page [MC]2 Flyer you can send to your customers.   Also attached are two html files you can put on your website as well as jpg of the [MC]2 extremely cool logo.  

Let's get as many customers as we can to [MC]2!  



Dave Edstrom
President and Chairman - MTConnect Institute 

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