Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Memex Automation Wins 2013 PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for Best Company Under 50 Employees

This is extremely impressive! 
Memex Automation is the recipient of the 2013 PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for Best Company Under 50 Employees. 
I am very, very fortunate to have joined the Memex Automation team!
In presenting the award the judging panel focused on Memex Automation's outstanding ability to serve customers. Judges are also this year's award sponsors: FLIR Canada, Siemens Canada Ltd., Fluke Electronics Canada LP as well as PEM Magazine staff. 

Memex Automation’s latest award also recognizes its ability to provide rapid customer Return On Investment (ROI) for its flagship product MERLIN. MERLIN boosts productivity, profits and efficiency for manufacturers by monitoring the performance of machine tools.  

Please see the press release below for details. The image attached is of Rehana Begg, Editor, PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Magazine, and John Rattray, VP Sales and Marketing, Memex Automation. 

Memex Automation receives PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Magazine Award

Burlington, ON, Canada – April 15, 2014 – Astrix Networks Inc. (TSX-V: OEE) operating under the trade name Memex Automation Inc., the global leader of manufacturing Machine to Machine (M2M) productivity solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the 2013 PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for Best Company Under 50 Employees. Sponsored this year by FLIR Canada, Siemens Canada Ltd., and Fluke Electronics Canada LP, the PEM Maintenance Awards were first introduced in 1999 with the mandate of acknowledging and rewarding excellence in industrial technology.

Memex Automation’s latest award is based on its ability to prove customer Return On Investment (ROI) for its flagship product MERLIN. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the measurement of plant-wide capacity utilization, and MERLIN generates OEE in real-time, enterprise-wide, machine by machine. In one instance, MERLIN increased OEE from 40% to 82% across 30 machines in a custom manufacturing company. In another example, MERLIN’s productivity boost cut a major aerospace manufacturer’s work order completion time from 35 days to just 5 days – a 700% improvement.

“The MERLIN product team is extremely proud of our 2013 PEM award,” said David McPhail, Memex Automation’s CEO. “Plant Engineering & Maintenance Magazine is well-read and well-respected by industrial engineers, plant operations and maintenance professionals and this endorsement of our technology will further fuel our sales growth and customer success.”

MERLIN lets customers know exactly where they can improve manufacturing operations in order to operate faster, and more efficiently.  When manufacturing shop floor team members address production bottlenecks with MERLIN, they can improve throughput, and increase overall profitability.

About PEM Plant Engineering and Maintenance Magazine
During the past 30 years, PEM Plant Engineering and Maintenance Magazine has evolved and kept pace with industry growth. Today PEM is Canada’s total reliability magazine for industrial engineers, plant operations and maintenance professionals. Its mission is to provide readers on the shop floor with the information they need to increase manufacturing production and equipment uptime, integrate new technology, reduce operating costs, manage groups of skilled professionals in an industrial setting and encourage career development. For more information, please visit: www.pem-mag.com.

About Memex Automation Inc.
Memex Automation (TSX-V:OEE) is the global leader of manufacturing Machine to Machine (M2M) productivity solutions and the measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness in real-time (“OEE”). In 2013, Frost & Sullivan awarded MERLIN (Manufacturing Enterprise Real-time Lean Information Network) its Technology Innovation Leadership Award, and Microsoft picked MERLIN to be its mid-market ERP machine connectivity solution. Mazak, North America’s largest original equipment manufacturer of machine tools purchased MERLIN to manage its Florence, KY, plant and offers MERLIN on its price list. For more information, please visit: www.memex.ca

Metalworking Production & Purchasing (MP&P) Magazine on MTConnect, Memex Automation and Dave Edstrom

One of the many areas that has really impressed me in manufacturing is both the quality and the depth of the writing of those in manufacturing media.

I had the privilege of speaking with Rob Colman of Metalworking Production & Purchasing (MP&P) Magazine.  Rob wrote an article titled:

MTConnect hits its Stride: In Conversation with Dave Edstrom

 I  really enjoyed speaking with Rob on MTConnect and Memex Automation.  Rob did a fantastic job with this article!  As I stated in the article, I feel we have seen a number of important inflection points with MTConnect and there is no company better positioned to lead manufacturing and MTConnect than Memex Automation!

Please checkout Rob's article!


MTConnect Challenge 2 Winners Announced at [MC]2 Conference

Below is the press release that went out on the [MC]2 winners.  I was there, saw them live, cast my vote.  Great, great contest and HUGE congratulations to ALL of the folks who submitted their entries!

amt_logoBLAIRSVILLE, PA, Apr 11, 2014 – The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology (DMS&T), sponsored along with AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the US Army Benét Labs, proudly announce the three top winners of the MTConnect Challenge 2 as voted by [MC]2 2014 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference attendees:

First Prize $100,000 Winner:Valerie Pezzullo of Clemson University for Machining Process Monitoring to Aid in Chatter Identification
This application developed by Clemson University’s Valerie Pezzullo offers machining process monitoring, facilitates the communication of part-specific information, and includes customization and scalability for different manufacturing facilities and academic research institutions. By integrating machining process information gathered through MTConnect with information from proprietary data acquisition tools and custom sensors, this application provides a means to monitor cutting conditions to help reduce and prevent chatter and aid in analysis to avoid subsequent unstable operating conditions. It also improves the input and tracking of part numbers and organizes machining process information in a central location according to the specific part.

Second Prize $75,000 Winner: Joel Neidig of Itamco for Expanding Manufacturing’s Vision: MTConnect + Google Glass
By leveraging the capabilities of Google Glass with its heads-up display, camera, touchpad, microphone, email and internet connection built into the spectacle frame and combining it with MTConnect functionality, Joel Neidig of Itamco provides a never before view into the manufacturing process. The user of the Google Glass equipped with MTConnect is not only liberated from laptops and hand-held smart devices, but also is able to travel the entire shop floor, gathering and sharing machine data provided by MTConnect, and accessing the internet on demand for more information.

Third Prize $50,000 Winner: Shane Crandall for Promise
Designed to be general, flexible, scalable, reliable, fast, and free,Shane Crandall’s Promise is a blank canvas to create custom views of real-time data from MTConnect devices. It is a user-configured MTConnect client in the form of an intuitive Web application. Promise is an intranet Web application—or Web site —that may be easily deployed and widely utilized by and completely configurable from any device with a Web browser.

The final round of judging occurred Wed., April 9 by [MC]22014 Conference attendees upon the conclusion of presentations by each ofthe five finalists.The OSD DMS&T sponsored the MTConnect Challenge, which was a two-part competition for the development of manufacturing intelligence ideas and solutions using the MTConnect standard. NCDMM, AMT, and the U.S. ArmyBenét Labsoversaw the Challenge.

“On behalf of all of us at NCDMM, AMT, the U.S. Army Benét Labs, the MTConnect Challenge judging panel, and the MTConnect Institute, we extend our congratulations to the three top winnersfor their participation and innovative MTConnect-based software applications,” said John Wilczynski, NCDMM program manager. “We hope Challenge 2 will serve as a catalyst for the development of more MTConnect-based software that will enable manufacturing intelligence breakthroughs for the defense manufacturing industry. We also want to thank [MC]2 attendees—our community of MTConnect supporters—for voting and helping to determine our top winners.”

With the MTConnect Challenge 2, participants were tasked with the development of innovative and unique software applications using the MTConnect standard that could be easily adopted by manufacturing enterprises, especially lower tier producers, to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and support the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain management objectives.

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free set of communications standards intended to foster greater interoperability and information sharing between manufacturing equipment, devices, and software applications. The MTConnect Institute manages the development and further adoption of the standard. Prior to the development of the MTConnect standard, harnessing the wealth of available information and data across equipment and devices has been challenging due in large part to the disparate nature of software programs.

For more information about the [MC]2 2014 MTConnect Conference, visit MTConnectConference.com. To learn more about MTConnect, visit the MTConnect Institute at MTConnect.org.

NCDMM delivers optimized manufacturing solutions that enhance the quality, affordability, maintainability, and rapid deployment of existing and yet-to-be developed defense systems. This is accomplished through collaboration with government, industry, and academic organizations to promote the implementation of best practices to key stakeholders through the development and delivery of disciplined training, advanced technologies, and methodologies. NCDMM also manages the national accelerator for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3DP printing (3DP), America Makes—the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.For additional information, visit NCDMM at ncdmm.org.

About AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology
AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members—those who design, build, sell, and service the continuously evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing. Founded in 1902 and based in Virginia, the association specializes in providing targeted business assistance, extensive global support, and business intelligence systems and analysis. AMT is the voice that communicates the importance of policies and programs that encourage research and innovation, and the development of educational initiatives to create tomorrow’s Smartforce. AMT owns and manages IMTS — The International Manufacturing Technology Show, which is the premier manufacturing technology event in North America.
For more information, please visit www.AMTonline.org.

About Benét Labs
Benét Labs is a Department of the Army Center of Excellence supporting the management and execution of life cycle research, development, engineering, design, producibility, and engineering standardization programs for large caliber armaments, mortars and direct fire systems. A full complement of modern laboratory equipment, along with a highly trained staff of scientist, engineers, and technicians, enables Benét to be a world leader in innovative technology and applications.