Sunday, July 30, 2017

Edstrom's of Burke Ancestry

This is a start of the history of the Edstrom ancestry from the perspective of my parents who live in Burke.  I decided to start this after the visit to Minnesota that I took with my parents, wife and sister for my Aunt Mary's 88th birthday and a number of family reunions. 

My father, John K. Edstrom, has done a lot of work in capturing this information back when he was in college at St. Olaf and I will work with him to scan in what he has done to augment this blog post.

Above is the Spring Garden Lutheran Church in rural Cannon Falls, MN where a number of the Edstroms are buried. It was a classic beautiful Minnesota day in the country with corn fields surrounding this church on a country road.

Above are my parents in front of the Edstrom farm house in Randolph on Lake Byllesby.

Above is my father's parents house they purchased in the outskirts of Cannon Falls after they sold the farm in Randolph.

Above is my mother in front of her old farm house and below she is ringing the dinner bell that is at least 80 years old and is still at the farm.