Friday, September 30, 2016

Machine Shop in San Quentin Prison - Titan Gilroy

This is an interesting article and video on a guy named Titan Gilroy, who I met at a Manufacturing For Growth Conference this past winter.  

As the article by Peter Zelinski at Modern Machine Shop states:

"The TV program “Titans of CNC”—formerly “Titan: American Built”—posted the promo above of its upcoming third season. Titan Gilroy, the show’s star and creator, has obtained permission to establish a modern CNC machining program within San Quentin State Prison and film there. This video shows the new San Quentin machine shop taking shape, as Mr. Gilroy (himself a former prison inmate) works alongside inmates to renovate and equip the space, and prepare the new CNC shop for the instruction of students."

Here is the video on Youtube if you just want to check that out: