Friday, October 31, 2014

Most Powerful Quote on MTConnect ROI - Brian Papke of Mazak

This is the most powerful quote on MTConnect ROI I have ever heard.  The quote is from Brian Papke, President of Mazak USA, and it came on Monday September 8th, 2014 at an IMTS press conference.

"The implementation of MTConnect is one of the simplest and fastest ways to improve productivity and increase machine utilization.  Mazak's MTConnect implementation provided the highest ROI for any capital investment because of the significant increase in utilization of equipment for a very moderate expenditure.
No one has been more important nor better supporter for MTConnect than Brian Papke and Mazak.
It should also be noted that Mazak uses our (Memex Automation) MERLIN product for monitoring their plant in Florence, Kentucky.

Elon Musk at MIT on the Importance of Manufacturing

I, as most of planet earth, am fascinated by Elon Musk.  When I read that he was being interviewed at MIT, I had to watch. 

He is asked a question on manufacturing and I thought he gave a fascinating answer.

Here is the link to the interview and if you just want to hear the question and Elon's answer on manufacturing, you can go 45 minutes and 11 seconds into the interview to hear both.

The questioner mentions the large push that President Obama has done with manufacturing in the United States and asks what other companies can do to keep manufacturing in the United States.

The most interesting comment I felt that Elon Musk made was when he said (note I listened to this and wrote this and this is not a transcript), "Very often people think of manufacturing as a kind of some rote process of making copies which actually it is not, but it is building the machine that makes the machine.  If you think the machine is important, well building the machine that makes the machine is also extremely important.  And, more often than not, what I have found is that the manufacturing is harder than the original product. For example At Tesla we can make one of a car very easily, but to making 1,000 cars with quality and reliability and where the cost is affordable is very hard.  It is maybe ten times harder than making one prototype, maybe more."  He then goes on to say, "I really think a lot more smart people should get into manufacturing. It is kind of fun. It sort of got a bad name for awhile, but it is really interesting."

With the importance of manufacturing, I bet the importance of using MTConnect would also be critical!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mazak Optonics and Memex Jointly Demonstrate at FabTech

This is a very important announcement because it shows how Memex Automation's MERLIN continues to help Mazak companies.

As the snippet below from the Market Wired article titled:

Mazak Optonics and Memex Jointly Demonstrate at FabTech How to Increase Production and Income From Operations With MTConnect-Based MERLIN

"Yamazaki Mazak is the global leader in the design and manufacture of highly productive machine tools and automation systems. Mazak Optonics is the laser-cutting systems division of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and the third division to demonstrate MERLIN as a value-add MTConnect-based partner solution. MERLIN was demonstrated by Mazak at IMTS, September 2014, and at EMO, Hannover, Germany, in September 2013.

Mazak USA purchased MERLIN to manage its plant in Florence, KY, published in a 42% increase in equipment utilization, and offers MERLIN on its price list.
"We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with Mazak and to demonstrate our combined capabilities to their extensive customer base and distribution channels," said David McPhail, CEO. "MERLIN, as a forward and backward compatible MTConnect-based solution, universally connects all machines to management in real-time, measures plant-wide capacity utilization and shows manufacturers how to make more production, generating IRRs of up to 400%," said McPhail.

"The availability of key data is crucial to managing operational performance. The combination of MTConnect and MERLIN will deliver performance details including dashboards that open up tremendous real-time visibility for both individual machines and the entire shop floor," stresses Marc Lobit, General Manager Sales Support of Mazak Optonics."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

United Airlines Red Carpet Free Drink Tickets Should NOT Expire :-)

The CEO of Memex Automation, Dave McPhail, was in town this past week.  He was traveling to Chicago on Wednesday morning.  He mentioned that he would be in the Red Carpet Club.  I had some free drink tickets and gave them to Dave.  He said that there was no way they would take the free drink tickets because they appeared to be so old. I said that they should accept them even though they were at least 15 years old.  I was wrong, Dave McPhail was right and below is the photo of the United Red Carpet Club bartender ripping up my free drink tickets.  Lesson learned for me is that you should use free drink tickets at least every decade :-)

Monday, October 6, 2014

OEE Analytics

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Memex Automation Inc.
CNC Memory Upgrades DNC Solutions Machine Monitoring
OEE Software

 Machine Monitoring
   Data Shuttles
 Memex Blog
Plants Practicing Advanced OEE Analytics are TWICE as Profitable as Non-Practicing Peers
Meet the noted author and practitioner, Robert Hansen, at IMTS 2012, where he will make regular 15 minute presentations about how your business can be more profitable.
"Financial OEE: The Methodology for Increased Profits"
Everyday at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, and 3:00 pm.
Memex Automation
Robert Hansen wrote the book  "Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool for Increased Profits" Published by R.C. Hansen, New York, NY: Industrial Press, 2001.
He will introduce OEE as a tool, OEE Performance Curves, SMART Goal setting techniques, OEE Value Stream Modeling and Analysis.  He will also demonstrate how the resulting Benefits Table provides a road map for Leadership Teams to prioritize use of Improvement Resources for COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. 
A Practice Factory Case Study will be shared.
Why is this important to you?
Studies have indicated that Manufacturing Organizations that have been practicing Analytical Champions are TWICE AS PROFITABLE as their non-practicing peers.  Financial OEE Education provides Advanced OEE understanding to your organization in a few weeks, whereas traditional OEE application can take a few years.
OEE is a visual metric of Total Productive Manufacturing,
integral to LEAN.
Please visit Robert Hansen's website at for more information on his Financial OEE narrated training modules.
Learn more about OEE applicability at Memex Automation here.
Find us at IMTS at Booth E-3368.  For an interactive map - click here.
Presentations at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm.
If you would like to book your specific meeting time,
please call 1-905-635-1538 and ask for Carolene, or email us
Increasing Profitability
The Memex Team.
IMTS 2012
Memex - A Trusted Name in Shop Floor Productivity for 20 Years!
Manufacturing Connectivity Solutions
Memex Automation Inc.
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Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3N1
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Memex IMTS Marketing

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Attention: David A Edstrom
Manufacturing Execution System
  Manufacturing Execution Real-time Lean Information Network.
IMTS 2014 - A Great Success!
Manufacturers need automatic real-time machine data.
  • Connect to any machine on the shop floor
  • Increase your companies profitability
  • Increase your shop floor efficiency, often in the 10% - 50% range
  • Get an ROI payback in 3 - 6 months
  • And become a world class manufacturer
Memex Automation Inc. had the opportunity to demonstrate its MERLIN MES solution to the many 1,000's of attendees who walked into booth E-3368 at IMTS. MERLIN was also the  only MES on display at  the Mazak & Okuma booths.
If you missed seeing MERLIN in action at IMTS
Then we can show you directly in your office.  
Please call Sales at 905-635-3041
As proof that MERLIN is helping the top machine builders in the world succeed, take a look at Mazak's business case. Within three months of the implementation of MERLIN throughout its Florence, KY plant, Mazak increased its own machines' utilization by 42%. Mazak published its experiences and business case in (Mazak Uses MERLIN MES and MTConnect at Kentucky Plant). As well they saw reduction in hours of overtime per month, a return of 400 hours of outsourced work and removal of unnessary optional stops, all direct cost savings as reviewed in Modern Machine Shop (Data-Driven Manufacturing Moves Ahead at Mazak).  Mazak's Vice President of Manufacturing, Ben Schawe, gives a detailed video presentation about how his team implemented MERLIN and generated a breakeven within weeks.
Industry leaders such as Dave Edstrom, CTO of Memex Automation (and previously Chairman of the MTConnect Institute) and Bob Hansen, author of the definitive book on OEE, were also in attendance and helping out at the Memex booth.
Dave Edstrom giving an interview to IMTS-TV.
To see more of Memex Automation at IMTS 2014, check out Dave Edstrom's blog, Photons and Electrons.

New Monitoring Hardware! The Ax760-MTC
100+ data elements into MTConnect
Memex Automation announced its new hardware board at IMTS 2014 - the Ax760-MTC. It produces MTConnect data directly from the machine. It has a universal software utility and attaches to Fanuc control through the I/O Link or any other control through it's16 digital inputs.
  • Plug and play into Fanuc I/O Link
  • Webserver based configuration
  • Passive listening, easy install
If you can measure it, then you can manage it.

The Future is Here!

The final analysis from IMTS 2014 is that the tide of manufacturing has turned in North America.  With a growing call for boosting productivity across the nation, companies are actively searching for a real, robust monitoring solution.  Memex Automation brings a game changer to Manufacturing Operations Management, providing visibility on your machines based on actionable, accurate data.  "Our core competency is enabling manfuacturers to be productive" says David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Automation.  "Our motto is 'shop floor to top floor' and by providing an off-the-shelf, productized system, Memex paves the way for manufacturers to deploy an erterprise solution that is both supportable and affordable."
Enable Lean at Every Machine!
Call John at 1-866-573-3895
A Trusted Name in Shop Floor Productivity for 24 Years!
Memex Automation Inc.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

One Million Actual Flight Miles on United Airlines

I am NOW at ONE MILLION actual miles on United Airlines!!!   I am Premier Gold the rest of my life AND I am Boarding Group #1 the rest of my life as well -- so, I got that going for me.

United MileagePlus
Congratulations, David
MileagePlus # XXXXX

1 Million Miler
Dear David,
After countless flights, you have officially arrived. You have now flown one million miles with United® and MileagePlus®, and we appreciate that you have chosen us again and again.
In recognition of your outstanding accomplishment, we are honored to grant you status that will not fall below Premier® Gold, although you can always earn a higher status. You can also designate a companion* annually to share your status. You will receive your official credentials within the next four to six weeks.
Thank you again for your exceptional business, and we look forward to your next flight with us.

Thomas F. O'Toole
Thomas F. O'Toole
President, MileagePlus
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Loyalty
MileagePlus United Premier Gold