Thursday, September 24, 2009

SunCLONE Sun April Fools Prank 2001

As I mentioned, I will point you to some of the contributions to Sun that a few of us made over the years that made it to this site, specifically some April Fool's Pranks :-)
This was the same team that was responsible for Govassic Park: John Meyer, Neil Pierson and Dave Edstrom. 


John Meyer wrote this up as well for TheNetworkIsTheComputer.COM.

Pulling an April Fool’s Day prank on your Area Vice President is a tricky thing, but one that the Southern Area pulled off marvelously in 2001. The team of renegade engineers responsible for Govassic Park did it again, this time to Sun VP Gary Grimes.
The prank involved Java, cloning, a spit-and-polish mint-condition Corvette engine, and robots, and must be seen to be believed.

Oddly, we put the web page on my external site, where an industry analyst stumbled upon it some days later.   I immediately received a frantic phone call from a worried Sun Analyst Relations person who said the analyst was speculating that the joke was in some way related to discontent within the Sun employee community around Sun’s then-newly-announed SunONE software initiative. Gimme a break, it was an April Fool’s joke!