Sunday, August 7, 2016

10 Weeks 6 Days Since Total Hip Replacment - 54 Mile Ocean City <-> Gordons Pond, DE

Julie and I are taking a week long vacation in Ocean City, MD.

It has been 10 weeks and 6 days since my total hip replacement.  I have been out three times on my Trek (first time out was 20 miles, 2nd was 40 miles) and today I went 54 miles. Perhaps it was not a smart thing to do, but the weather was incredible, the hip felt great so I just kept riding.  I stopped and had a great flounder sandwich at Jakes Seafood House in Rehoboth on the way back. I iced down when I got back and the titanium hip feels great.  I still do not have my wind back, which is understandable, but I am ecstatic on how the hip feels and is doing.  I told Julie that it was an "endorphin ride" :-)

I forgot to set my cyclemeter app the first two miles, so that is why it says 52.19 miles.  Here is the link to the cyclemeter summary above that can break everything down in great detail.

Above is me in Rehoboth, DE on my way to Gordons Pond.

Above is a panoramic shot in Gordons Pond in the Cape Henlopen area.

I stopped on top of the bridge of Indian River Inlet looking out on Indian Bay.

This is my 8 year old $850 Trek 7500 that I call my "Harley Fatboy" because I replaced the heavy duty cross country wheels that cost $500 because I got sick and tired of popping spokes and I carry enough tools to fix anything.  It's not fast, but it is extremely comfortable and incredibly reliable.