Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010 for Washington, DC

Snow started lightly at 10am yesterday and picked up last night.    The final snow tally was 34" here in Ashburn in this blizzard of 2010.

UPDATES on The Blizzard of 2010 in Washington, DC Area.  The Tuesday after we received 34" we got another 10" in Ashburn.  44" of snow in five days.  During the 10" second snow, the wind was gusting to 50mph with blizzard conditions.  Snow has been on the ground here in Ashburn since the December 5th five inch snow and will be here on March 5th barring the mother of all warm stretches.  Washington, DC broke the 100 year old snow record of 1898-1899 already....    We also set a record where there was snow on the ground constantly from December 5th through March 5th.....

Below is the front of our house still early on Saturday after about 22 hours of snow with another 8 hours more coming that day.

Below is a view of our backyard.

My late uncle Stanley "Tat" Thompson had a great phrase for this type of blizzard:

"The forecast is CLEAR and STILL.   Snow CLEAR up to your A$$ and STILL coming!" :-)

My youngest son Tim learned how to run my John Deere DE 924 9hp snow blower today.

Below is a picture of my beautiful bride of 26.5 years standing out in the snow in our front yard.

Below is a view out of John's window showing my over-the-air HD antenna that is mounted on our porch.

Dr. Dennis Govoni of IBM Speaks at VT's ACM Meeting

Dr. Dennis Govoni, of IBM, spoke to Virginia Tech's Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) meeting this past Tuesday evening.  Dennis did a GREAT job as he always does.  I asked Dennis if he would like to speak at VT and he agreed.  My oldest son, John, is a CS Major and President of the ACM for VT.  John is currently finishing up his BS and working on his Masters in Computer Science specializing in computer security.

Dennis and I have been long time friends from our days at Sun Microsystems.  Dennis and I were one of three individuals promoted to the level of Technical Director when the position was first created.  Technical Director was the same as a Distinguished Engineer but customer facing.  Dennis and I were somewhat [in]famous for our practical jokes and spirited discussions :-)

The students asked many insightful questions during and after his hour plus presentation.  I paid for pizza and soft drinks, which went quickly :-)  Afterwards, we took a few of them to a local restaurant where we discussed the computer industry and we offered our advice on careers.

Below is the description of the evening's event:

The world is becoming flatter, more complex, more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. Dr. Govoni of IBM will discuss these challenges as well as the leading-edge thought coming out of the IBM Research Labs. 

Dr. Govoni will share with the VT students a global technology outlook. IBM refers to this global technology outlook as "The Smarter Planet". "The Smarter Planet" is about taking on these global challenges all while be socially responsible. To meet these challenges, the world will be using innovation in technology, and virtual teamwork. 

The challenge for the CS students at VT is how will YOU solve these monumental problems?
Come learn, discuss and challenge Dr. Govoni all while enjoying free sodas and pizza this Tuesday, February 2nd, at 7:30pm in MCB 126. 

Bio: Dr. Dennis Govoni Executive IT architect, National Security and Justice, IBM Federal
Education: B.S. Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio M.S. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio Ph.D University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Dr. Govoni have been working with computer technology since 1967. His early work involved plant populations analysis through computerized numerical approaches for which a number of papers were published on this.   Following this research, he became Associate Professor of Biology at Virginia Wesleyan College in 1973 where he introduced timesharing computing into both the business and academic areas of the college. During his 10 year tenure at VWC, he received a number of grants to write computer assisted instruction programs for students. 

After leaving VWC in 1983 to work full-time in the computer industry, he joined Prime Computer, Inc. where he became the Networking and OS specialist for the Mid-Atlantic Area. Responsibilities were in both the government and commercial worlds. Upon leaving Prime, he joined Tandem Computers, Inc. in the Telco District as a Senior Analyst supporting the new fault tolerant Integrity UNIX line. His main responsibility was pre- and post-sales activity with Sprint, MCI, Bell Atlantic and Nynex in implementing fault-tolerant solutions. 

In 1992 he joined the Federal Area of Sun Microsystem Computer Company as a network specialist. He has worked with many Government agencies on implementing solutions in support of agency missions. 

In 2009, Dr. Govoni joined IBM Federal as an Executive IT Architect with responsibilities to help customers understand and implement IBM technologies to solve National Security problems. 
Below is a picture of the students who hung around for more time with Dr. Govoni.  Over 40 students attended this event, which was especially impressive because the weather was very nasty and it was snowing all day in Blacksburg.

Below is a picture of my oldest John and Dennis after the presentation/Q&A.