Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Great Mark Albert Article at Modern Machine Shop

Mark Albert of Modern Machine Shop asks as a fundamental question:
"Are our machines running? How long have they been running? Are they getting parts done on time? Do the operators need help?"
Mark writes a great article (again) on MTConnect title:  

The Need to Know Is Basic 

  "A new MTConnect-based machine monitoring system is helping Jet Machine get reliable answers to these questions. Although currently implemented as a pilot program on three of the shop’s most important five-axis machine tools, the system gives Mr. Wulfeck and other managers a timely and accurate picture of machine utilization and performance. This makes it easier to make good decisions about both short-term issues, such as maintenance priorities, and long-term issues, such as new capital acquisitions. Plans call for connecting all of the shop’s CNC machines to this monitoring system."

 This is a great article that is absolutely worth reading and understanding.  Thanks Mark!

Thanks Joe Jablonowski! MTConnect Metalmecanica Article

Huge thanks to Joe Jablonowski who wrote an article on MTConnect in Metalmecanica.   Below is a snippet:

Las ideas comenzaron a surgir cuando el consejo AMT se preparó para su reunión anual a finales de 2006. Tres conferencistas expertos externos atendieron la reunión en ese tema y para su preparación realizaron un tour por la feria International Manufacturing Technology Show en Chicago durante el verano. Después del tour coincidieron en una cosa, como uno de ellos, David Edstrom, del fabricante de computadores Sun Microsystems, lo indicó: “Ustedes chicos ¡no pueden hablarse el uno al otro!”.

 It is certainly very nice of Joe to do this and great to see MTConnect articles appear in other languages!

Joe Jablonowski, 
es editor y Publisher del Metalworking Insiders’ Report, el boletín de Gardner Publications para productores de equipos de fábrica. Con más de 35 años de experiencia en reportaje sobre manufactura, el anterior jefe de edición de American Machinist también conduce el Machine Tool Scoreboard en línea y el World Machine Tool Output & Consumption Survey anual.