Sunday, April 24, 2016

Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Security Presentation at [MC]2 2016

This past week was the fifth [MC]2 (MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference)

I gave a talk with Cisco's Bryce Barnes, Senior Manager responsible for Cisco's Machine and Robot Segment globally (on the left), on Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Security held in Dallas.

It was very well received, which was very nice to hear as Bryce and I put a lot of time into the presentation.  We start with an overview with definitions and left the audience with specific recommendations for small, medium and large manufacturing to take in the area Cyber-Physical Security.

Below is the agenda and a few early slides to give you the flavor of the presentation.  I will update this blog post and will post a link to the [MC]2 2016 site with the recordings are placed there.